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Vault-Tec Bobbleheads are collectible items in Fallout 4. They’re figurines representing Vault-Boy in different poses and outfits.
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Each one you collect will increase a SPECIAL stat or upgrade a perk. Collecting 10 of them will unlock the They’re Not Dolls… achievement, while collecting 20 will give you the …They’re Action Figures trophy. This guide will show you all bobblehead locations in Fallout 4.

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You’re SPECIAL book

After you leave the starting Vault, you’ll have to go to the Sole Survivor’s house in Sanctuary Hills. Go into the corridor on the left and into the baby’s room (last door on the right). You’ll find a You’re SPECIAL skill book on the floor there. It will let you put 1 point into a stat of your choice.
Bonus: +1 on any SPECIAL stat.
You’re SPECIAL location video guide

Perception Bobblehead

The trailers show Perception Bobblehead in the room where you meet Preston Garvey, one of the potential companions. This room is in the Museum of Freedom, in the town of Concord. When you enter the room where the Minutemen are, look for a desk on the left side, next to a broken terminal.
Description: “Only through observation will you perceive weakness”.
Bonus: Your perception has been permanently increased by 1.
Perception location video guide

Melee Bobblehead

You will have to climb to the top of the Trinity tower. Melee Bobblehead is in the cage where you first meet Rex and Strong – the super mutant that becomes your companion.
Description: “It’s important to do business up close and personal”.
Bonus: Permanently gain +25% critical damage with melee weapons.
Melee location video guide

Speech Bobblehead

In Vault 114, in the Overseer’s office, the same room where you’ll come across Valentine companion, look for Speech Bobblehead on the desk.
Description: “Let your words be your weapon”.
Bonus: All vendors permanently have 100 more caps for bartering.
Speech location video guide

Repair Bobblehead

Go to Corvega Assembly Plant. Your goal is to climb to the top of the plant where a big, blue, spherical storage tank is located. Repair bobblehead is located at the end of the metal walkway surrounding the storage tank.
Description: “Why go down with the ship when you can try to fix it?”.
Bonus: Fusion cores permanently last 10% longer.
Repair location video guide

Lockpicking Bobblehead

Go to Pickman Gallery and clear the area until you reach Pickamn in the basement. Bobblehead is on the ground next to the barrel fire.
Description: “Always strive for the unobtainable”.
Bonus: Lockpicking is permanently easier.
Lockpicking location video guide

Energy Weapons Bobblehead

You need to reach Fort Hagen on the west edge of Commonwealth map. The main quest sends you there to find Kellogg. Go through the fort and you’ll find the Bobblehead in the kitchen area deep inside the fort. After you defeat the Protectron and Synth Leader you’ll have to unlock an elevator and ride it down to the second part of the fort. Just keep going down until you reach the mess hall and kitchen area. The bubblehead is between two refrigerators in the kitchen area.. You’ll be on the roof of the fort.
Description: “Arrive at peaceful resolutions by using superior firepower.”
Bonus: Permanently gain +25% critical damage with energy weapons.
Energy weapons video location guide

Explosives Bobblehead

Get to Saugus Ironworks and enter. After you clear out that area you’ll gain access from the roof to another section that takes you to Saugus Blast Furnace area. You will have to fight the mini-boss Slag there. Bobblehead is up on the platform where Slag was standing when you entered.
Description: “The best way to solve a problem is to make it go away.”
Bonus: Permanently gain +15% damage with explosives.
Explosives location video guide

Science Bobblehead

Although this collectible is inside Vault 75, the vault itself is inside Malden Middle School. Go into the basement of the school and that is where Vault 75 begins. You’ll find the Lab Access Card inside the Combat course on the Gunner Commander. As you explore the Lab you’ll come to a room overlooking the combat course. Enemies that you kill there will contain the Admin access card and on a table inside the room is the bobblehead.
Description: “Always be prepared to explain the hows and the whys.”
Bonus: Get one extra guess when hacking terminals.
Science location video guide

Medicine Bobblehead

This bobblehead can be found in Vault 81, west of Diamond City. You’ll need 3 fusion cores in order to enter. When you, accept Austin’s tour invitation. Talk to the children in the classroom. Talk to the ones in the reactor room. Retrieve Erin’s cat from outside. When they tell you Austin is sick, go to the clinic – this should trigger the Hole in the Wall quest. The bobblehead is in the Secret Vault, in room with the cure, on the lowest level of the vault. Talk to the the robot on the other side of the glass to open the door.
Description: “The smart man knows a bandage only hides his wounds.”
Bonus: Stimpaks permanently heal 10% more damage.


Location: It’s in the Boston Public Library, close to the coast. In the north-western corner of the building, there’s a room with a large computer. The bobblehead is on it.
Description: “It takes the smartest individuals to realize there’s always more to learn.”
Bonus: Your Intelligence has been permanently increased by 1.
Intelligence location video


Location: On top of a sculpture in the lobby of the Mass Fusion Building. When you enter the lobby, look up – you’ll see a statue suspended on the wall. Climb up, going through the offices, until you’re above it. Drop onto the statue to collect the bobblehead.
Description: “It’s essential to give your arguments impact.”
Bonus: Your Strength has been permanently increased by 1.
Strength location video guide


Location: This one is on a wooden beam, which is part of the scaffolding of the wrecked ship FMS Northern Star. You’ll find the ship on a peninsula in the far south-east. There are Mirelurk Razorclaws patrolling the land around it – be wary.
Description: “Never be affraid to dodge the sensitive issues.”
Bonus: Your Agility has been permanently increased by 1.
Agility video location guide


Location: This one is hidden in Poseidon Energy. You’ll need to either pick a Master Lock to enter the facility, or swim through highly radioactive water. Going through the outflow pipes in the back is the longer way, but it’s great if you can’t pick master locks (thanks zebeazy!). If you choose the former, climb onto the catwalk once you’re inside. In the middle of the room, there’s an office suspended above the floor, guarded by turrets, several foot soldiers and a lvl 39 mini-boss called Cutty. The bobblehead is on the desk with the broken terminal.
Description: “Always be ready to take one for the team.”
Bonus: Your Endurance has been permanently increased by 1.
Endurance video location guide

Small Guns

Location: Inside the broadcast room of Gunners Plaza. Go through the front door and go straight, around the statue, until you hit a wall. If you can open Master Locks, go around the wall and straight into the broadcasting room (has “On Air” sign above door). If not, go left and use the elevator to go down. One of the enemies in the basement has the key. The bobblehead is on the counter.
Description: “Because it’s easier to have courage from a safe distance away.”
Bonus: Gain 25% critical damage when using ballistic weapons.
Small guns location video guide


Location: It’s in Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery. When you enter the main room, climb up and use the catwalk to get to the offices by the wall. The bobblehead is on a terminal in the farther one.
Description: “Never forget to walk away with more than you’ve brought.” Bonus: Prices are permanently 5% better.
Barter location video guide

Big Guns

Location: In the living quarters, in the northern area of Vault 95. The vault is guarded by lvl 24 Assaultrons
Description: “The best way to win an argument is to be the loudest.”
Bonus: Permanently gain +25% critical damage with heavy weapons.
Big Guns location video guide


Location: On a wrecked boat on the coast of Spectacle Island, in the south-eastern corner of the map. The bobblehead is in the locker.
Description: “There’s only one way to give 110%.”
Bonus: Your Luck has been permanently increased by 1.


Location: Go deep underground into the Dunwich Borers quary until you reach the foggy area. Find a post terminal with the number 4 next to it. The collectible will be on a small table next to it.
Description: “The safest distance between two points is a shadowy line.”
Bonus: You are 10% harder to detect.
Sneak video location guide


Location: Get to the Atom Cats Garage on the coast down south. There’s a rusty car in the middle of the garage, and the bobblehead is on the hood.
Description: “When words fail, there’s always fists.”
Bonus: Permanently gain 25% critical damage with unarmed attacks.
Unarmed video location guide


Location: It’s in Parsons State Insane Asylum, on the desk in Jack Cabot’s office. You’ll have to start The Secret of Cabot House quest to get in, though, by doing this:
  1. Be level 10 or higher.
  2. Kill the mercenaries at the Asylum’s door.
  3. Talk to Edward Deega (he alternates between Diamond City Market (Colonial Taphouse, Dugout Inn), Goodneighbor (The Third Rail) and Bunker Hill).
  4. Complete the Special Delivery quest he gives you.
  5. Complete the Emogene Takes a Lover quest, that you’ll get after finishing the previous one.
Description: “Nothing says pizzazz like a winning smile.”
Bonus: Your Charisma has been permanently increased by 1.

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  1. E

    You can find the Repair Bobblehead at the Corvaga manufacturing facility.

    1. M

      What does it do?

      1. N

        It extends the length of fusion cores by 10% 😀 just got it a bit ago.

    2. G

      When you are looking at the front of the building go to the roof and climb the highest spiral stair on the right side. There were two raider women up there.

  2. B

    Are any of them Missable???

    1. T

      The charisma one is missable

      1. Z

        Not if you need 6 charisma to set up supply lines.

    2. H

      none are missable

    3. J

      I actually killed everyone at vault 75 (before I knew of the bobble head there) searched the bodies, never found an access card. Left and now I can’t find the access card at all.

      1. A
        asdasdsdad Daf

        try spawning it in.

  3. H

    yes they’re all missable

    1. Z
      Zen waters

      Idk about that, I’ve already finished the game and killed most of my allies and I was still able to return and get all of them.

  4. V

    Bro, by ‘misssable’ he mean if any are found in sections you can not return back to or section that require you to choose certain dialogue or even restart.

    It unlikely that Fallout has any missable bobbleheads but it is a concern in many games with collectibles.

    1. D

      Fallout 3 had a missable one. If you saved megaton and blew up the tower you could never get that was inside the tower.

      1. D

        And energy weapons

      2. D
        Donald Mills

        Actually you can still get it, i think it will be in the rubble, near megaton, or whats left of it.

        1. W
          W Giesen

          Once you complete the mission where you blow up the enclave base where Eden is, you can’t go back and get the bobble head that was inside.

          1. B

            Once your locked out of vault 101 the second time, you can’t get the medicine bobblehead

  5. T

    You can just talk your way into the Cabot house for the charisma head and start the quest from there

  6. G

    For the medicine one i gave the doctor my blood and found the cat but i told the jet person to get clean instead of giving him the jet but now the kid wont get sick does any one know if theres a way i can fix it

    1. M

      You have to do the tour given by Austin to avoid missing the medicine bobblehead. And yes, it is missable. You may have to reload a save from before you missed taking the tour, but taking the tour is the only way to get to Vault 81 Secret.

      1. T

        If you do not take the tour with Austin, you have to help the little girl find her cat. Afterwards when you turn in the quest, you’ll find out about the Secret Vault. So it is not missable.

      2. T

        No. I failed the tour and was still able to get the bobblehead

      3. I

        The only thing i did out of all of those things is go get the cat back for Erin, they were talking about Austin being sick when I got back. I didnt do the tour, nor give dude his Jet.

      4. N

        I did not take the tour. I asked to have a free tour and failed. I talked to the kids in the classroom and then the junkies sister. After, I found the girl in the shopette to start here kitty quest. Austin was sick when I returned with Ashes

      5. N

        I accidentally quit Austin tour halfway through and I still got Vault 81 Secret

    2. A

      I just got this bobblehead a few minutes ago.
      I failed the tour with Austin by talking to someone else during it (some maintenance guy). After that I talked to the teacher and told the class a story, then I found the girl’s cat and when I returned with the cat Austin was sick.

    3. S
      Steve Perrin

      You don’t have to do anything the guide says.

      Go to the doctor and let him take a blood sample. Leave the vault and sleep for about 2-3 days (there is a bed near the vault entrance) . Return to the vault and doctor and the question will start.

    4. A
      asdasdsdad Daf

      use console commands to start the “hole in the wall” quest, bobby will be waiting outside of the secret entrance whenever the quest activates

  7. J

    I liked the warning about the assultrons being present outside vault 95 (big guns bobblehead). Learned quickly there’s also some inside the vault.

  8. I

    So I now have 13 bobbleheads and didn’t get the trophy for fidning 10… This happen to anyone else?

    1. R

      I got the achievement for getting 10 but I didn’t get the achievement for collecting all 20

  9. Z

    With the endurance bobblehead it is possible to get into Poseidon Energy without picking the master lock. Just go to the south-east corner of the building, enter the water and swim into one of the outflow pipes, there is an unlocked entrance into the basement.

  10. K

    You are a hero.

  11. C
    chris obrien

    excellent, as always. Love reading your guides!

  12. E
    effin sunshine

    thanks for all the work am just on the last bobble head now so helpful

  13. R

    I little advice about the bobbleheads. They are the only thing that can raise SPECIAL stats to 11 (always makes me think of Spinal Tap. “Yeah, but these go to 11.”) So I would wait until you max out a stat to 10 before getting the bobblehead. Also, since Intelligence makes you level faster you should max it as fast as possible then grab the bobblehead.

  14. J

    For the charisma bobble head, I actually stumbled upon Edward (who said Jack Abbot wanted me to help him) it was in a populated settlement and can’t remember where as I put the quest off for so long but then revisited the quest and the mercenary outside the asylum actually helps you do the “special delivery” quest so I would avoid killing her.

  15. “You’re SPECIAL book”

    Way to instill confidence in your readers there.

    Grade School literary issues aside, this is the best list I’ve found. Much thanks.

    Gosunoob might want to consider hiring an editor though…

    1. G

      The actual book is called “You’re SPECIAL”. As in, “You Are Special”. See what I mean?

  16. E

    You do keep the bobblehead benefits while they’re on the craft-able display stand, correct?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      yes = you get the benefit when you pick it up.

  17. J

    in vault 81 i didn’t accept austins tour when i first went there now i cant do the tour and cant get the bobblehead

  18. J

    P.S i’m on PS4 so what can I do

    1. M

      read the rest of the comments, or consult a wiki. there are many ways to trigger it!

  19. T

    I did the Austin tour and he never got sick, finally i can back and found Erin’s cat for her. It was only after that that it triggered for me. May want to try that there are a few more quest in there as well does anyone know if its based off of the vault dwellers opinion of you? Seems inconstant across the board from one play through to another, just a thought

  20. J

    thank you so much… if your having a hard time figuring out what bobbleheads you need make a bobbleheads shelve and go off that

  21. C
    chicken nugget

    is it possible to get into the asylum to get the charisma bobble head if you become an enemy of the railroad

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