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Perk magazines are collectibles in Fallout 4. Finding and collecting them unlocks and upgrades unique perks that are otherwise inaccessible.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Fallout 4 magazines and which perks they unlock.

fallout 4 perk magazine locations

In previous games, there were magazines that improved your skills for a limited time. For example, you could read a mag that improves lockpicking, then open a lock that was previously too complex for you before the effect expires. It is still unknown whether Fallout 4 will have anything like this as well.

NameAdditional information
Islander’s Almanac
5% higher VATS chance against animals you are in combat with.
Astoundingly Awesome TalesThere appear to be various issues of this magazine with different effects. It usually gives +5% damage against Ghouls, Mirelurks, Super Mutants, or gain +5 Action Points, or heals +5% radiation damage.
Covert Operations ManualYou are more difficult to detect while sneaking.
Grognak the BarbarianGrognak the Barbarian is a comic book that unlocks the Barbarian perk. Critical Hits with unarmed and melee attacks do +5% damage.
You can find one issue of Grognak in the Sole Survivor’s house in Sanctuary Hills.
Guns and BulletsBallistic weapons do +5% critical damage.
Hot RodderUnlocks custom paintjobs for the Power Armor.
La CoiffeUnlocks new haircuts
Live & LoveEach issue unlocks a unique perk that influences companions or gives you bonuses when companions are present.
Massachusetts Surgical JournalEffect: Inflict +2% limb damage.
Picket FencesUnlocks blueprints for new settlement elements.
RobCo FunEach issue contains a holodisk with a copy of a holotape game on it
Taboo TattoosUnlocks tattoos.
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorGet better prices when buying from vendors.
Tesla Science MagazineIt’s a skill book with several issues – each one increases your energy weapon damage by 5%.
Total Hack Certain terminals get unique options, like controlling turrets or lights.
Tumblers TodayIt’s a magazine with several issues, which unlocks a unique perk when you read it. Each issue you collect will make lockpicking a little easier, permanently.
UnstoppablesGives 1% chance of completely ignoring a single attack.
Wasteland Survival GuideCollect extra meta from animal kills.

We’ll update the guide with more information when the game launches.

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  1. A
    Are Georg Finstad

    there is more than just one Wasteland Survival Guide,
    there is this one aswell: Wasteland Survival Guide #1: Water Aerobics For Ghouls and its inside Old Gullet Sinkhole.
    thats located between Malden Middle School and Mass Fusion Containment Shed.
    all of this is really close to the starting location but the Ghouls down in the sinkhole will prob be higher level than you and there is no way out without killing them. (since you drop down into the sinkhole water)

    1. A
      Are Georg Finstad

      no edit button…. forgot to say that it adds 25% Swimming Speed 😀

    2. J

      hey dude I’ve went through the sink hole and exited through to the commonwealth twice and still cant find the magazine, could you please tell me where it is exactly?

      1. N

        As far as I can recall it is in the second floor of the house you exit through. That means after you go through the loading screen to the Commonwealth.

      2. D

        I found it by following the flow of the water into the sink hole.

    3. P

      Wasteland Survival Guide #1: Water Aerobics For Ghouls is at the Cooking Station next to the water where you get out of the water after going into the sinkhole water.

    4. S

      water aerobics for ghouls is #7….not #1

  2. A

    “Contains Source-Code for Robot Controls”.

    Found @ Wattz Electronics. Lowest floor next to a Terminal.

  3. A

    Massachusetts Surgical Journal #15

    Can be found in Cambridge Polymer Labs, after completing the quest (Either finish research or find another way out) you can get the key to the directors office from Molly (Robot)(Either kill after having activated defense with a terminal or pick-pocket if you have the skills). In his office issue #15 is on his desk left of the Terminal.

  4. A

    Massachusetts Surgical Journal #2

    Found at Sandy-Coves Sanatorium (Far North East on the Map). Requires hacking the reception terminal (beginner).

  5. N

    Picket Fences Unlocks blueprints for new settlement elements.

    Unlocks Modern Lamps for the settlements and can be found in Hardware Town, upper floor.

  6. D

    There is more than one Tesla Science Magazine

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