Far Cry 5 Capture Parties & How to Avoid Them

Capture parties are groups of cultists trying to detain you in Far Cry 5. They’ll start chasing you all of a sudden at some point, and you’ll have to either fight or try to avoid them. A lot of players are finding them tedious, and would like to know if it’s possible to avoid Far Cry 5 capture parties.

far cry 5 capture parties how to avoid
Far Cry 5 Capture Parties & How to Avoid Them

Can you escape capture parties in Far Cry 5?

The short answer is “No“. You will eventually get caught. However, you can delay capture. You can outrun them, but they’ll appear again. You can massacre them, but another group will replace them soon enough. You can start a side quest during the chase, and they’ll back off for a while. Still, no matter what you do, you’ll have to let them capture you at some point – might as well get it over with as soon as it becomes an option.

The capture parties start appearing as you complete the first stage of your reputation race. You’ll notice the resistance point meter has reached the first notch, filling about a third of the bar. That’s about 3300 resistance points in Jacob’s region, or 4300 in Faith’s and John’s areas. This means you can plan ahead and jump to another area when you’re near that point, if you want to avoid them even longer. However, it really is best to let them catch you and be done with it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can continue slaughtering them, burning their shrines and liberating outposts.

Afterwards, you’ll also have air raids when you reach the second notch in an area’s resistance-o-meter. The third and final step is all about the drugs, because what’s a Far Cry game without copious usage of several kinds of narcotics. They are also mandatory, so don’t try to escape or skip them.

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    I was actually really hyped for FC5, but disappointed in the capture party crap. You literally get captured 4 times in one region, it is extremely annoying.


      IDK why but i disagree, that is okay to be captured for sometimes, it made it realistic and it doesnt interrupt anything


    How do you get your weapons back after you finish the capture party mission?


      You have to find a gun shop and go in and get one. You already own it so it shouldn’t cost anything. You just have to equip it I believe.

      Frankie J Schifano

      You own your weapons. So just go back to a weapon vendor and take them back.


      Simply go back to arms dealer and select your weapons again 🙂


    Really disappointed with a number of Far cry 5 “features”, including these capture parties. They are not only annoying & untimely (I was literally snatched out of mid-air when I was flying a plane!), but they are also extremely boring & repetitive. Nothing scary or sinister, just long monologging followed by boring repetitive actions. Let me get back to playing the game & stop with all the stupid/boring vignettes. If the characters were at all interesting, maybe I would feel different, but this is by far the most boring game in the Far Cry series.


      AMEN to that, Redneck Far Cry. With fishing?!!? LOL. Been excited for years about FC5. So sad man!


    The capture parties are the most annoying part of this game. Just let me play!


    I was soo hyped for FC5, FC3 and 4 were amazing with their compelling characters and beautiful scenery, picking up random items to sell instead of just fish, skins and nothing else of much interest.. The Perks are nothing special, we used to be able to CRAFT bags to carry more ammo, bait, skins etc so it pissed me off when they become perks. It is a cool game, I’ll give it that, but what on earth compelled them to make a redneck version of the game with so many different people around and bland ones at that. No watchtowers to open the map up more… Stupid timed capture parties are just a thorn in my side in this game… After FC4 which had true soul and twists n turns, culture PLUS a MC who had a backstory and who we could care about. I just hope the next Far Cry will go back to being the unique game it was.. I got more enjoyment out of Uncharted 4 and 5 and that’s saying something… Add me on the PSN AnabellsMalice13. Peace out


    Say YES

    I have no idea how I did it but I just got another tier and it gave me the air one and u was trying to do the Rye missions and I just unlocked him as a partner and I started the second mission for him and I haven’t seen the planes yet

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