FFXV Totomostro Mini-Game

FFXV Totomostro mini-game is a fun activity that takes place in the Arena Galviano Colosseum. This mini game revolves around betting on the outcome of a battle between groups of monsters.
If the team you bet on wins, you get medals. Use these medals to buy new gear. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XV Totomostro mini-game.

Totomostro Mini Game Arena FFXV

Totomostro Location

Arena Galviano, where the Totomostro mini game takes place is reachable after chapter 8. In chapter 9, you arrive to Altissia, the city on the sea. To reach the Colosseum, you’ll need to take a gondola located in the northern part of the town. This gondola line is distinct from others by its purple color. Once you board the gondola, an unskippable scene starts and you are taken into the arena through a loading screen.

Galviano Colosseum Altissia FFXV Inside the Colosseum, Noctis and his buddies are given a spot on the balcony. You can’t walk around or explore the arena. Here, you can only place bets and watch the fights.
You can return to Altissia and the Colosseum once you complete chapter 9. Don’t worry about completing all the stuff here right away.

Galviano Prize Medals Items

At the start, you’ll need to buy the first medals. Their cost is 10 gil per medal. Now you can wager on the combatants in the next fight. If your team wins, you get new medals.

Item Name Type Galviano Medals Cost Description
Magitek Generator Regalia Component 3 600 000 An extraordinary energy generator used in imperial military weapons. Eradicates the need for fuel and, as some also claim, the joy of driving.
Diamond Bracelet Accessory 1 250 000 A bracelet studded with diamond. Enhances strength (+70) considerably.
Dig Bang Regalia Body Color Set 450 000 A custom decal set earned through determination and a little bit of luck at the Colosseum. Stellar artwork celebrates the birth of the universe.
Mythic Color Samples Regalia Color 360 000 A color sample book containing a complete collection of rare hues, providing material for the garage’s recolor palette.
Arapaima Roe Ingredient 240 000 Fine caviar from the Celluna Cascades of Ravettrice. A luxury dish served at royal dinner tables.
Enforcer Firearms Weapon 180 000 A gun (243 dmg, +19 spirit) that fires special rounds capable of inflicting fatal wounds. Increases the odds of landing a critical hit.
Precision Lance Polearm Weapon 120 000 A polearm (266 dmg) designed to help its wielder target an enemy’s weak spot. Increases the odds of landing a critical hit.
Llymlaen Fishing Reel 85 000 The eponymous reel of the popular Insomnian tackle shop. Incorporates state-of-the-art technology for the ultimate angling experience.
Big Master Typhon Fishing Lure 45 000 A vibration lure inspired by a monster that fought fiercely in the arena. It rises to the surface when reeled in, but sinks when stopped.
Silver Bangle Accessory 34 000 A bangle forged of silver. Increases maximum HP (300) moderately.
Turbocharger Regalia Component 15 000 Special supercharger that uses exhaust gas flow to boost engine horsepower. Increases top speed to 70 mph.
Coeurl Whiskers Treasure 7 500 Virtually unbreakable, these strands can be used to make fishing tackle and other gear. They have some value, and could fetch a decent price.
Great Garula Tusk Treasure 2 500 The tusk of a garulessa, much in demand by skilled artisans. It has great value, and could fetch a considerable price.

How to earn medals

Wining a game of Totomostro is not only a matter of a luck, although that is a large part of it. You can increase your chances in several ways. One of them is the good use of the Horns. At the start, you’ll get the Horn of Fortitude. This item partially restores the supported monster’s HP. To get better Horns, you’ll have to buy them from the Horn vendor. This vendor has a shop near the Gondola station that takes you to the Colosseum. Some of the items he sells are:

Item Name Cost Description
Horn of Resolve 30 000 Gil A gridanta, that, when blown, increases the supported monster’s attack.
Horn of Tenacity 24 000 Gil A gridanta that, when blown, increases the supported monster’s defense.
Horn of Cleansing 8 000 Gil A gridanta that, when blown, cures the supported monster of status ailments.
Horn of Madness 18 000 Gil A gridanta that, when blown, significantly increases the supported monster’s strength, but drastically decreases its defense.
Horn Vendor Altissia FFXV The other things that can determine who will win are monster level information, odds and condition. All this information is given on the wager screen. A higher level means it is stronger than others, lower odds increases the chances for win, as well as the high condition.

Since there is a limited time on the fights, you can either lose, win, or draw. Winning gives you an increased number of medals, losing removes the medals invested into the wager, while a draw leaves you with the same amount of medals.

To improve your chances of winning, you should also pay attention to the number of monsters the teams have. Two level 13 monsters are stronger than one level 20.

Despite all the given information, it feels like there are some safer bets. Certain species behave better than others in the arena. Some species like: Cactuar, Coeurl, Gigantoad, Red Giant. Their strength is in their special moves. For example, Cactuar can one shot most of the monsters, and being fast is an additional bonus. Wyvern can fly, Gigantoad has ranged attacks…

Some of the teams you should avoid betting on are teams that consist of: Cockatrice, Stags, Garulas, Goblins, Mesmenirs, Dualhorns etc.

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    Dmitriy Novikov

    After buying Llymlaen fishing reel for 85k it changes to Platinum Bangle same price


    The turbocharger becomes Behemoth Tenderloin after you purchase it.


    The magitek generator is replaced with an onion bangle of 2,400,000.


    If i win, i save the game.
    If i lose, i load the game. In the end i bet 9999 every time.


      your better off taking the lost. you win more than you lose and you dont have to wait for the save, and load times. your wasting battle time bro

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