Final Fantasy 15 Moogle Charm Locations - How To Get Extra EXP

The Moogle charm is an item in Final Fantasy XV. You can find this item in several places across the map, mostly in dungeons.
There are several ways to boost you EXP in FFXV, and the Moogle charm is one of them. It’s a very useful item, since it gives you a 20% increase in EXP when you wear it. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Moogle charm.

Moogle Charms in Final Fantasy 15

There’s really a bunch of items you can find in Final Fantasy XV. Almost every single one of them has some kind of effect, allowing for a vast number of buffs and other alterations to Noctis and co. One of those items is the Moogle charm. The charm is crucial for EXP farming, because it gives you an extra 20% EXP gain while you wear it. In this guide, we’ll focus on the Moogle charm locations.

Daurell Caverns Moogle Charm

Now, most players find the Moogle charm fairly late in the game. It’s still useful, of course, but it comes in handy even more early on. Luckily, there is a way to get the item right around chapter 3. First off, travel just outside the tunnel in Schier Heights. Drive along until you notice a staircase on the side of the road. Get out of the car, then go down the stairs. Head to the right and you’ll find a dirt path with a sign saying Schier Heights. Follow the dirt road all the way to the dead end. Turn right and walk into the cave.

Welcome to Daurell Caverns. You might be a little underleveled for this dungeon, so I recommend that you avoid battles. If you do encounter something, try to escape. All you need to do is exit the red circle, and the fight will be over.

As you walk into the dungeon, stick to the left wall. At one point, you’ll reach an item on the ground. You’re at a fork in the road, so take the path on the right and squeeze through the narrow opening. Hopefully, you’ll bypass the lvl 41 Necromancer that way. If not, book it to the right before he gets you.

Once you’re through the gap, you’ll have to fight a lvl 17 Ronin. After you get rid of him, follow the path and drop down the ledges. At the bottom, go left and hop across the small waterbed. Keep close to the left wall and follow the ledge to the end. Enemies will spawn, but they won’t engage, so ignore them. Once you reach the end, run towards the cavern-like opening near the stalactites.

Keep going and eventually you’ll run into some green ponds. The water is poisonous, so try to avoid it. There’ll be a tiny landmass straight ahead with a treasure on it. Hop over and collect your Moogle charm. Note, however, that this treasure seems to be random, so it’d be smart to save before you pick the item up, and reload the game until you get what you need.

9 thoughts on “FFXV Moogle Charm Locations – How To Get Extra EXP

  1. titan

    why wouldn’t you say AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TUTORIAL that after going through ALL of this that the item is random and that you may NOT get the moogle charm?

    1. Ammeterasu

      The item is not random dude there is only 4 charms in the game and the daurell caverns is i one i just walked in there found the item and that was it exactly where he said it was going to be.

      1. Lance

        There is not only 4 in the game, you can get 1 by playing the 10k gil version of JM5 aND getting 40 boxes aND quitting jm5 before you hit 45.

  2. Sean Philipp T Ramos

    Is it possible to get the Moogle Charm from Iris in Chapter 3 as well? I have done the quest in Lambath Haven but I don’t know where Iris is after I did the Stroll quest with her


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