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Herbs are used as alchemy ingredients in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you want to prepare potions, oils, bombs or decoctions, you’ll need to gather a lot of herbs.
You can find them growing in forests, fields and marshes, but knowing how these things work, you’ll have trouble getting the ones you really want. In this guide, we’re going to show you all the herb locations in the Witcher 3.

herb locations witcher 3

Herb Locations

Name Location
Celandine Fields, forests
Verbena Fields
White Myrtle Fields, forests
Arenaria Fields
Fool’s Parsley Leaves Fields, farms
Berbercane Fruit Fields, swamps
Pringrape Hills, forests
Wolfsbane Forests, mountains
Beggartick Blossoms Swamps, fields
Honeysuckle Fields, near water
Bloodmoss Swamps, caves (none in White Orchard)
Hellebore Petals Forests
Hornwart Mountains (none in White Orchard)
Molleyarrow Fields
Balisse Fruit Fields, forests
Cortinarius Forests
Ginatia Petals Fields, forests
Ribleaf Fields, forests, swamps
Mandrake Root Fields (none in White Orchard)
Buckthorn Riverbeds
Crow’s Eye Fields, farms
Blowbill Fields (none in Skellige)
Sewant Mushrooms Caves, by the water
Bryonia Forests
Hop Umbels Fields, farms
Longrube Caves, fields (none in White Orchard)
Puffball Forests, caves
Han Fields
Nostrix Mountains (none in White Orchard)
Ranogrin Fields, forests (none in White Orchard)




    Hector Lugo

    Hey! Thanks, I’ve been looking for the White Myrtle Petals in open fields for a while like a dumb ass — didn’t go so well.. But, thanks to you I found them almost immeaditely in a nearby forest! Thanks!

    — P.S You forgot Erynia Eye.

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