Assassin Creed 4 Money Making Guide

The following guide is made with a basic idea to help you get money as fast as possible. Money play important role, since the progression in Assassin’s Creed 4 depends on possessing good weapons, consumables and ship upgrades.
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Thus, you need a constant inflow of cash through the game.

How to make money in AC4 Black Flag

FARMING LEGENDARY SHIPS (+10.000R unlimited)
After updating Jackdaw and obtaining Mortar weapon, start farming 2 Legendary Ships in the upper right corner of the map. Once you conquer Eleuthera Fort, HMS Fearless and Royal Sovereign ships level 75 will appear on the map. After destroying just one of them and collecting floating cargo left behind, try to run away or die. Your reward is 10.000R and you can repeat this action until you have enough money, since destroyed ship will respawn when you return, but only if you destroy ONLY ONE SHIP. You can check out our Legendary Ships Guide and find out how to defeat other ships and earn 20,000R per each.

Once you obtain Jackdaw, start plundering other ships, especially ones with Rum (15R) and Sugar (20R). Depending on the ship’s level you can earn between 1500R – 6000R in a few minutes. After acquiring all Jackdaw upgrades, look for Legendary ships. You can obtain 20,000R for each Legendary Ship battles.

  • Use fast travel points for finding ships with best cargo
  • Naval Convoy usually contains three ships. Escort ships can be easily defeated and they also contain cargo. Main ship gives only money.

A very easy way to make money from the start is to find and loot Treasure chests. Each chest contains different items and amount of money. They offers between 200-300R, and occasionally upgrades, recipes or ammo. Some chests are hidden in caves and shipwrecks.

Treasure maps usually leads to hidden chests, that grants you around 1500R. The chests can be dug only if you posses the corresponding Map.
Check out our Treasure Chest Locations guides with detailed walkthrough and rewards.

Assassin’s Creed 4 offers another easy way to earn some extra cash by hunting animals and selling their skins. We created a guide with best hunting locations along with selling prices of animal’s skins. You can also use undamaged animal skin as an ingredient for some recipes. It is not recommended to shoot animals, since it will damage their pelts and make them useless for crafting purposes. Use sword for small animals, and hidden blade for large ones like bear or deer. Most of the animals respawn quickly at the same locations, thus, you can make a small fortune if you find a good place to hunt.

wild pig ac 4At the first island Cape Bonavista, you can find Wild Pigs in the north-west part of the map. The spot is great since the pigs respown quickly, and can’t run away.

Plundering ships, warehouses, or caves grants you additional resources like Wood, Clothes, Rum, or Metal that can be used to upgrade Jackdaw, or sold directly to General stores.

Once you reach Havana Island, the first Assassins Contracts will be available for you. Each successfully completed contract grants you reward of 1000R, plus additional 500R as stealth bonus for silent kill.
We completed a walkthrough for all 30 assassin contracts you can find scattered across eleven maps in Assassin’s Creed 4: Back Flag.

There are 8 warehouses you can plunder in Assassin’s Creed 4, while the 9th one comes as a part of Exclusive Unlockable Content on new island, Black Island (985,626). Plundering warehouse grants you different amounts of wood, metal, cloth, run and sugar. There is a bonus reward for “No Bells Rang” that goes from 400R up to 1,000R.
Check out our Warehouse Locations guide with detailed walkthrough and rewards.

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    Another way to make money earlier in the game so as to acquire the best possible gear in Havana, is by pickpocket. (A.K.A. Steal). This is basically “loot”, except you don’t have to waste your time killing anyone. Now, you can pickpocket guards, but only certain ones have enough money to be stolen for it to be worth it. The only guards worth pickpocketing are the ones usually on roofs, who carry the throwing knives that couriers also carry. Now, for citizen pickpocketing. If you find a large crowd, feel free to pickpocket anyone and everyone. But, if you are going for maximum efficiency, only pickpocket the men with (usually brown) waistcoats with the downward angled frills and cowboy-looking hats. Pickpocketing them yields, from what I have seen, from as little as 17R to as much as 35R. This greatly varies, although you are most likely to get 20-26R for this. Because of the AI for the people, they stick around for a while in the same place. So, if you pickpocket only one kind of person, you are most likely to run into the same person more than once. You will know that you have already pickpocketed the person since it is no longer an option for them. On a side note, it is usually a total waste of time to pickpocket: drunks, the homeless, nuns, poormen, and most women. That said, there are some women that have 15-25R that you can take, but I have yet to identify anything about them that sets them apart from other women. If you have anything to add to this comment or the article, please leave a comment!

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    this helped thanks now from your advice I have over 1254673 R this helped thanks .petter p.s ac4 is a epic game so thanks for helping me get more money

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    I just found this *exploit*. You need to travel to Ambergis Key (55, 178). Once you are at this wreck, a notice of a level 38 Royal Convoy that carries 5,000R. After you plunder the Royal Convoy, fast travel BACK to Ambergis Key and the Royal Convoy should be there again. I did this four times and three out of the four times I got another Royal Convoy. I hope this helps.

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    When it comes to hunting on this game unlike assassins creed 3 you can actually use any weapon you want even guns and swords

  5. can i free prisoners locked in base of fort???

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