AC4 Legendary Ships Guide

In four corners of Caribbean Islands’ map, you can find five Legendary Ships. They are designed as extremely tough ships, level 75, with devastating fire power, and large amount of health.
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The battle begins once you get close enough, about 500 meters. Unlike the other ships, they are very fast, and you can’t get on them. Even without cargo like sugar, rum, cloth, metal or wood, they offer the best prize between 10,000 to 20,000R. Once you destroy all Legendary Ships, they will never respawn again. But, as we described in our Money Making Guide, you can farm some legendary ships and make a real fortune.
ac 4 legendary ship

Legendary Ships general information

  1. After conquering a fort, a nearby legendary ship appears on the map.
  2. Each ship has large amount of health.
  3. Their side cannons unleash devastate power.
  4. Some of them are pretty fast and you can’t catch them up, if you don’t incapacitate them first.
  5. You can’t board them, thus, you can’t add them to your fleet.
  6. The best attack during the battle with Legendary Ships is to ram them from behind.
  7. If you mark them on the map, you can notice them when you come into their 500m radius.
  8. The best practice is to start the battle with mortars.
  9. You can destroy the ships even without all elite upgrades, but it takes a “couple” of tries.

El Impoluto

Location: Upper-left corner
The Nearest Fort: Dry Tortuga
Reward: 20,000R
Main Characteristics: Extremely fast, likes to rush/ram towards the target.
Strategy: The hardest ship to defeat, due to legendary speed and ramming behavior. From the start this ship tends to ram you down. If this legendary ship does not succeed in it, the next attack is a broadside cannons fire, thus, use the brace when you see cannons coming.

When the battle starts, the best strategy against it is to slow down the ship, or El Impoluto will sail away, turn towards you, and ram you repeatedly, until you sunk. When the ship turns around, use your cannons and mortars. If the ship goes behind you, stop his ram strategy by letting off a few fire barrels.

HMS Fearless and Royal Sovereign

Location: Northeast corner
The Nearest Fort: Eleuthera
Reward: 10,000R each
Main Characteristic: When the battle against these two legendary ships starts, they will surround you and employ their broadside cannons against you.
Strategy: When you approach them, attack one of the legendary ships from the side, keep moving and make sure you never get caught between them. Keep constant fire on the ship that follows you, and distance from the other one, with fire barrels. When you destroy one of them, the other one changes its behavior and becomes more hostile, and will try to ram you.

The best strategy is to attack one of the boats, lower his health close to the sink, then ram the other boat and sink it as fast as possible. After that, the first boat will attack you, and you should sail away and launch mortars and fire barrels behind you.

HMS Prince

Location: Southwest corner
The Nearest Fort: Navassa
Reward: 20,000R
Main Characteristic: Even the ship is hidden in a fog, it’s one of the easiest Legendary ships to defeat.
Strategy: The best position for your ship is behind HMS Prince, since it has devastating broadside attack with cannons. If you successfully position your ship behind HMS Prince, hit it with chain shots and try to ram it. When you lower its health to 25%, it’ll attack you with rear cannons.

La Dama Negra

Location: Southwest corner
The Nearest Fort: Serranilla
Reward: 20,000R
Main Characteristic:Extreme fire power. Mostly attacks with mortars. It’s pointless to use ram strategy against this heavily armored ship.
Strategy: La Dama Negra legendary ship is very similar to the HMS Prince, since they have almost the same attack strategy. The only difference is that you don’t know where its mortal attacks will land, since it doesn’t show red target locations. The key factor for defeating the ship and winning 20,000R is to stop your ship or change sailing directions (moving zig-zag) whenever La Dama Negra fires mortars, because their landing position will be on your course a few meters in front of you.
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  1. G
    Grey Thing

    Actually defeating La Dama Negra is much easier than it sounds. Because of it’s strategy of running away and firing the targetless mortars you can stay behind it ridiculously easily. The real charm in this fight is the delay between mortar launch and when it hits. From behind you can tell where it is firing, and it will always fire in one of two ways. One is right on you, stop the boat turn sharply and speed up. You can easily circle the damage radius with minimal damage. The other way it fires from behind is in a split pattern, and it will do this just to screw with the whole zig zag pattern thing. When it does this charge up the center safely and ram it. Yes it is heavily armored but Ramming is still damaging on it.

  2. M

    Actually, just ramming them in the stern is probably the easiest way. Having maxed hull (for La Dama) and ram helps a lot, just continuously slow ’em with forward cannons and ram, just make sure you don’t let them turn their broadside to you. La Dama is a bit tricky cause she can kill you pretty fast, it’s like a DPS race ^_^ And the two lover ships, just avoid one and kill the other off, and then ram the other one in to oblivion, just don’t let the second one get away from you once you connect.

    1. I loved fighting versus HMS Fearless and Royal Sovereign, as I could kill one of them, run away, come back again and earn 10 000R for each kill. 100 000R achievement didn’t seem hard at all.

      1. E

        Dude I did that then one of the ships went away after I destroyed one of them, I came back and it completely gone off the map but the “legendary ship” is still marked on the map. Any reasons?

  3. K

    Once I realised you can’t add them to your fleet, I lost all interest in them. Money gets pretty worthless if you have over 100,00 even after all the upgrades.

    1. K

      you get speed ram if you defeat all legendary ships which is worth it

  4. J

    For el impoluto the best strategy is when he is comming right at you just aim for the space between the ram and the side and if you have elite ram it will do a ton of damage as for la dama negra 3 important things, 1: dodge mortars.2: never aim at the sides or the front. 3: always aim for the back and for the hms prince, stay on his tail like you’re glued to it and once there, do whatever you want.

  5. Z

    I didn’t see it mentioned here but when you defeat all of the legendary ships you get a new ability for the Jackdaw. When you are looking forward with the chain shot, you can press A for the Xbox or X for the PlayStation to greatly increase your speed and do massive ramming damage. so it is definitely worth it to beat all of the ships.

  6. R

    I just sank drama negra and got the 20,000 reward…. then went to fight another regular man o war and unsynched because I fought with a damaged ship and l lost my reward… and the ship is no longer on the map… whats the deal?

    1. T

      I defeated one of the 2 ships that you can farm off of in the top right corner and i got the money but died shortly after and lost the money so you have to run away not die to get the money.

      1. S

        Hmm… that’s strange. I fought the two ships once, and I sunk the “Fearless”. I got the 10k, died, but retained the 10k that I looted.

        1. Same here ^^. That is how I’ve managed to upgrade all stuff on The Great Inagua.

          1. E

            Why isn’t the ship spawning back after? The ship I left never came back. Any ideas? BTW I kept playing after a killed the one ship

    2. Well, if you die, and go back onto the sea, the ships get randomized, so thats the deal.

  7. G

    there should be a ghost ship

    1. R

      One of them is. The one in the fog i believe. It doesn’t look very ghostly but your crew says it’s a ghost ship

    2. T

      The HMS pierce is the ghost ship

    3. H

      Technically, HMS Prince is considered the ghost ship.

  8. W

    once i was fighting the La Dama Negra and a waterspout hit it and it sunk XD

  9. For HMS Fearless and Royal Sovereign, the main thing you need to concentrate on is not letting the stern of the boats get near your ship, and also don’t get stuck to the sides of the boats.

  10. S
    Some Guy

    The ram happy El Impoluto was the easiest for me, but that might have to do with the fact that a Rouge Wave hit it and lowered it’s health to %10
    So much fun.

  11. M
    Mikhail Cunin

    Legendary ships are harder than MAN’O WARS

    1. E
      Edward Kenway

      No shit sherlock…. If they werent, they’d be easy as hell, mate

      1. W

        Lol how the fûçk wouldn’t he realise that.

  12. S
    Shawn Barrett

    I found an easy way to beat al but the two you have to fight at the same time. The trick takes a few trys and you take little to no damage.
    First mark the ship and get on the lowest speed.
    Second when the distance between you and the ship reaches 578 prepare to release the wheel, if done right after you have let go of the wheel the cut sceen will show. After that go to the front of your ship and wait for them to get close enough for you to jump onto the ship, (or you can swing from one of the top ropes when the ship is right beside you).
    Then just kill everyone on the ship, ( you don’t have to kill the scouts up top), then jump back into your ship and shoot them once and they will sink. Leaving you the money

    1. L

      For some reason I beat all the ships and it said sorry I didn’t recognize it retry what do I do heeeeelllllpppp

  13. J

    I’ve gone to two of the red Legendary locations, but the ships weren’t there. I haven’t defeated any of them yet. What’s the deal?

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