Are Pitfall Seeds in ACNH

Animal Crossing New Horizons pitfall seeds are seeds that you can plant to create traps in the game, as has been the case in several other Animal Crossing games. However, people haven’t been having much luck in finding pitfall seeds in ACNH. So, to alleviate your doubts, here’s our Are Pitfall Seeds in ACNH guide. Hopefully, we’re going to clear things up a bit.

Are Pitfall Seeds in ACNH
Are Pitfall Seeds in ACNH

Are There Pitfall Seeds in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Yes, there are pitfall seeds in Animal Crossing New Horizons. True, it doesn’t seem like anyone has managed to find them so far. However, dataminers have found mention of pitfall seeds, so they are definitely going to appear at some point. Plus, there are people that have gotten a line of dialogue from Bianca which makes direct mention of the seeds. So, in conclusion, pitfall seeds are definitely in the new Animal Crossing, it’s just a matter of figuring them out. Given the rabid fanbase of this franchise, someone will figure it out soon.

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Now, you might be wondering, what exactly are pitfall seeds for? Well, basically, you plant them, and they become a trap into which people can fall into. This greatly annoys any innocent villagers that might have the misfortune to come across one of them. Alternatively, if you’re playing with friends, you can make up some fun games using pitfall seeds. Like, for example, you can make a maze out of pitfall seeds and then challenge people to figure them out. Other than that, however, they don’t have much use. So, really, they’re mostly just for sale.

That’s about all we know about pitfall seeds in ACNH right now. When we find out more, we’ll update this article. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of our other Animal Crossing New Horizons guides. Like, for example, How to Capture an Ant, How to Plant Bamboo, and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo Fragments.

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    Hey, pitfall seeds are a DIY recipe now, you have to find the recipe to make them. I got mine in a bottle. You craft one with weeds and small branches.

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