Daisy Mae & Turnip in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Daisy Mae is an NPC in Animal Crossing New Horizons. She’s a turnip seller, and she only appears on your island on Sundays. She’ll come every week, offering you her delicious turnips – but you won’t want to eat them. Instead, you’ll want to play the Stalk Market (now tell me again how Animal Crossing isn’t a capitalist nightmare). Buying and selling large amounts of turnips can make you a pretty penny without much work, and lots of folk are asking questions about it – where to buy turnips, what are the best prices, when does Daisy Mae appear, do turnips rot and is reselling them worth it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Daisy Mae & turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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daisy mae turnips animal crossing new horizons
Daisy Mae & Turnip in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Where to buy turnips?

The only place you can buy turnips is Daisy Mae’s shop. She doesn’t appear until you help Nook build his new shop, called Nook’s Cranny. Once the shop has been built, you’ll get a mail from the Turnip Lord, in which she’ll explain her business venture. She’ll appear every Sunday and offer you turnips at random prices between 50 and 150 bells.

Where to sell turnips?

Once you’ve bought a ridiculous amount of turnips, you’ll be able to sell them at Nook’s Cranny, but only before next Sunday. This is where the stock market angle comes into play. The price will change twice each day, and you’ll have to choose when to sell your stock. The sell price rarely goes above 500 bells, but selling them at a price 50 bells higher than what you bought them for should suffice. You can also sell them at other peoples’ islands, and the price might be better than at yours.

Is trading turnips worth it?

It depends on how much you buy. It’s not too much work, so you’re bound to make a profit either way, but the more you buy, the less you can sell them for while still making a tidy sum. You can buy up to 9990 turnips each week, which means almost 50 thousand bells in profit if you sell them for 50 bells more than you bought them for. Just make sure you sell them before next Sunday, because they expire after a week.

When does Daisy Mae appear?

Daisy Mae will appear every Sunday until the end of time, and she’ll spawn at a random location each time. She’ll be there between 4 in the morning and noon.

Can turnips rot?

Turnips are set to rot on Saturday evening, before Daisy appears with a fresh batch, so make sure you sell them off before then. We don’t know whether they can rot if you leave them outside, so make sure to stash them in your home, just to be safe. We’ve also heard turnips tend to rot when you use time travel, so try to avoid it.

Best turnip prices?

There’s no fixed best price at which to buy or sell. The less the price you bought them at, the lower the price you can sell them at while still turning a profit is. Be wary of buying at prices above 100, especially if you don’t have the time to check the prices at Nook’s Cranny twice a day. Waiting for a better price might lead into selling at a loss because that’s a better choice than letting the turnips rot.


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