When Can I Find Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Daisy Mae is an NPC that you have to unlock by progressing far enough through the game. Daisy Mae sells you turnips, which you can use to turn a pretty solid profit. This has made a ton of people start wondering when they can unlock Daisy Mae and her turnips in ACNH, as well as when she appears during the day. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our When Can I Find Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing New Horizons guide.

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When Can I Find Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing New Horizons
When Can I Find Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing New Horizons

ACNH Daisy Mae Times

Daisy Mae appears every Sunday in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can find her in the morning; specifically, between 4 AM and noon. The problem there is that Daisy appears randomly on the island. So, you’ll have to go ahead and search through the whole island within that time frame. You’re gonna have to clear out your schedule while she’s on the island to make sure you find her. This is where time travel might come in handy, in case you don’t manage to find Daisy in ACNH on time.

Now, there’s a catch to all this: Daisy Mae won’t start appearing in Animal Crossing New Horizons until you unlock the second shop, called Nook’s Cranny. We cover that in our How to Get 30 Iron Nuggets for New Shop guide in more detail. Basically, you’ have to play through the game until Timmy tells you that he needs help with gathering resources for the new shop. After you donate all the stuff they need, the store will appear in two days.

When the shop is finished, you’ll get a letter from Daisy in your mailbox. She announces that she’ll start coming to the island every Sunday morning to sell her “precious turnips,” just like her grandma used to do. From that moment on, you’ll have to search for her every Sunday morning, bright and early. Or mess with the time and make her appear whenever it’s convenient for you. For more info on Mae and turnips, check out our Daisy Mae & Turnip guide.

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  1. J

    I unlocked nooks cranny but I haven’t received I letter from Daisy Mae can you tell me what to do

    1. L

      Same with me. I have unlocked the nooks cranny but I still haven’t received a letter. Have you figured it out yet?

  2. K
    Kelvin Case

    Nook’s Cranny isn’t the second shop to build. It’s the first shop. There are only 2 shops which are Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters

    1. A

      The first shop is Nook Shopping THEN Nook’s Cranny and the 3rd is the Able Sisters

  3. D

    i got the shop, i got daisy mae’s letter, and today is sunday. i looked all around my island. she isnt here for some reason. is this some kind of bug? i checked my island last sunday too. she doesnt appear on my island. can someone help me?

    1. C

      she only shows up between 5AM-12pm so she’s not there the whole day and she’ll spawn in random locations every time

  4. S

    I received the letter but she won’t come do you think it’s because I’m time traveling?

  5. K

    So, Ive unlocked all the stores, but havent received any letter from Daisy Mae. Yet I get the question from Timmy and Tommy about turnip prices, Im not sure if this is some kind of bug or not but any help would be amazing!

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