How to Get Rid of Villagers in ACNH Happy Home Paradise

How to get rid of villagers in ACNH Happy Home Paradise is a bittersweet moment. You may have enjoyed their little smiling face for some time, but with the many new characters in the game, someone inevitably has to go. There are a few ways to replace characters in Animal Crossing. One involves talking to a villager and the other involves using the time travel function. Read on as we discuss how to remove villagers in ACNH Happy Home Paradise.

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How to Get Rid of Villagers in ACNH Happy Home Paradise
How to Get Rid of Villagers in ACNH Happy Home Paradise

How to Remove Villagers ACNH Happy Home

The first method involves talking to them. Start by deciding upon the villager you want to send on their way. You need to wait for that villager to have a thought bubble above their head. If they do not, you need to keep checking every day until one appears. This may take some time.

Luckily, the thought bubble will stay on a character for around three to five days. When you see it, speak with them, and convince them to move out. The next day they will have boxes ready, and the day after they will move.

One more method is to replace villagers with someone from the campsite. Talk to them so that they want to move in. They will select a villager to replace. If it is not the one you wanted, you can restart the game.

The time travel method is faster but a little more complex. Start by finding your evictee and skipping 15 days into the future. Look for the villager and see if they have a thought bubble above their head.

If not, set the time back to 4:59 am and save the game. Check the daily broadcast at 5 am, then keep skipping forward to 1 pm. New villagers will have a thought bubble on them. If it is not the one you seek, then go back to 4.59 am, watch the broadcast and check the thought bubbles all over again.

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  1. K

    That’s too vague! Nothing about what might happen if you want to move vacation resort villagers onto the main island for when you are ready. I currently have six villagers planned to move to my island next year, but in the meantime would stay at the resort. I’m concerned what might happen if they are both on the main island and the vacation homes.

    Also, How many vacation resort villagers can you have in Happy Home Paradise?

    1. B

      I currently have a villager who lives on my island but also has a vacation home. No issues!! When I go to HHP they are there, when I return to my island they are there.

    2. L

      You can have 1 of each villager (out of the 400+ characters as well as VIPs) because you can reuse islands in Happy Home Paradise. This advice on the article is only for normal villagers in the game.

    3. C

      You’re confusing me, you start off saying you have HPI villagers ready to move to your Mainland Island. I thought that wasn’t possible?

      1. C

        Sorry that’s HHP* not HPI.

  2. E

    The methods described are only for villagers back on the main island?
    I actually want know if I can replace or kick out residents in paradise? It would be a shame to be finished after designing 30 homes.

    1. P

      You can reuse plots, no need to kick any villagers off of plots you’ve already designed. I tested this once and it will just replace whoever was there before. If you wish to replace someone you already designed for, simply have another resort islander on the same plot.

  3. D
    Dorothy Dickerson

    This is for the Happy Home Paradise? It sounds like what you do on your own island. Is there even a campsite on the Happy Home Paradise?

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