How to Get Water Eggs Animal Crossing 2022

The Bunny Day Animal Crossing 2022 event is underway in ACNH. This Easter-themed event has many egg types that you can collect. These include Earth Eggs, Sky Eggs, Stone Eggs, Wood Eggs, Leaf Eggs, and Water Eggs. The Water Eggs in particular are very enticing to ACNH players for several reasons. So, if you were wondering how to get Water Eggs in the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022 Easter event, we are going to show you everything you need to know about how to acquire this egg type.

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How to Get Water Eggs Animal Crossing 2022

How to Get Water Eggs in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022

As their name suggests, Water Eggs are a type of egg that you can get from, that’s right, you guessed it – water. This includes water surfaces such as oceans and rivers all over the game. So, to be able to get these eggs, you will first need to have a fishing rod. Once you do, simply go to any body of water. What you are looking for here are fish shadows. Yes, we know that this is a bit non-sensical, but in fact – those fish-looking shadows will often turn out to be Water Eggs during this event.

Also note that shadow size doesn’t factor into this. A Water Egg can spawn regardless of the size of the shadow in the water. Though, some players claim that medium-sized shadows spawn Water Eggs most frequently, so you may want to look out for those the most. What’s great about these Water Eggs is that, unlike most other egg types, you are not limited to how many of these you can get each day. In fact, you may receive so many of these when you try to fish that you will have trouble catching actual fish. So, until the Bunny Day 2022 event finishes on April 17th, get ready to catch a lot of Water Eggs.

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