Music Box ACNH - How to Get Music Box In Animal Crossing 2.0

How to get the music box in ACNH is a new optional extra added in Animal Crossing 2.0, and the Music Box itself is a pretty cool item. It was first introduced in the Wild World game back on the Nintendo DS. It has been absent from ACNH games since. The music box can play songs that you get from K.K. Slider. It will transform them into a music box sound, giving your Animal Crossing experience a retro feel. Read on as we discuss how to get the music box in ACNH.

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Music Box ACNH – How to Get Music Box In Animal Crossing 2.0

How to Get Music Box Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0

Music boxes come in two variations. These are the wooden and shell types. To create them, you need a DIY recipe. This can come as a gift from villagers or as a message in a bottle. Getting it from villagers is easier. Visit them at the workbench in their house and see who will provide it for you.

Once you have redeemed the recipe, you need a few items in your inventory. These are three wood, three softwood, and one iron nugget. You can then head to your workbench or the one situated in Resident Services and craft the box. Place it wherever you wish.

The option to customize the color of your ACNH music box is also available. It will cost three customization kits, or you can customize it at Harv’s Island Plaza if you head to Reece and Cyrus shop. You can choose several colors and a different lid design. You also have the option to add your own patterns.

To add music, all you need to do is have the hits in your pocket. Click on the box then register the track. Music can only get played on one music box at a time in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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