Roommates ACNH - How to Get and Remove Roommates in Happy Home Paradise

How to get and remove roommates in ACNH Happy Home Paradise is tricky, because even in Animal Crossing, finding the perfect roommate can be hard. The feature also takes a little work to unlock. Once done, you can mix and match guests as you wish. The time may even come when you want to separate them. Read on as we discuss how to unlock roommates in ACNH Happy Home Paradise.

Roommates ACNH - How to Get and Remove Roommates in Happy Home Paradise
Roommates ACNH – How to Get and Remove Roommates in Happy Home Paradise

How to Get Unlock Roommates for Villagers Animal Crossing New Horizons

The option to get roommates in Happy Home Paradise does not unlock itself right away. In fact, you need to do a fair amount of work to get it. The task is to design 16 different vacation homes. This does not include facilities.

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Once you have your hospitality empire running, then one of your previous guests should arrive in your office. They will ask you to pair them up with a roommate. You can then add the pair to a room you have built.

After this, you can chat with other guests and suggest giving them a Happy Home Paradise roommate. You will have to find the right partner, which you can do at the Paradise Planning Office. You can speak to clients on the island, use Amibo cards, or speak to Niko for assistance.

Niko will also let you choose someone who is already in a vacation home. Be wary, as if you choose this option their current home gets destroyed. This is the same if you choose an Amibo card for someone who already has a holiday home.

How to Remove Roommates ACNH

Even the best friends can get sick of each other’s bad habits when rooming together. Thus, a time may come when you want to remove roommates in ACNH. All you need to do is visit them in the holiday home.

Ask the character you want to remove about their roommate. You can offer to build them their own vacation home. This will split the two characters and you can choose to give them a new roommate or let them live alone.

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