Perfect Snowman Animal Crossing New Horizons

When winter comes in Animal Crossing New Horizons, everyone wants to build the Perfect Snowman. This is desirable because it gives you some nice rewards. You will get a Large Snowflake DIY Crafting Recipe that you don’t already own. In addition, you also gain a Large Snowflake for crafting. Read on as we tell you how to build the Perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Perfect Snowman Animal Crossing New Horizons
Perfect Snowman Animal Crossing New Horizons

To begin your Snowboy journey, you need to start by finding a snowball. These will only appear in winter, depending on where you reside. In the Northern Hemisphere snow will come between December 11th and February 24th. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, it will come between June 11th to August 24th.

When the island is in this state, snowballs will appear at random. They will come in pairs in open spaces. If you can’t find any, clear some land then try going into your house and returning. Saving and reloading could also work.

You can use the snowballs to create your Perfect Snowman. Bump into them, kicking them and starting them rolling. Snowballs are fragile, so avoid kicking them into objects or into rivers. About 13 kicks should start them rolling. The more you roll, the bigger they get. You want to build a large ball for the body and smaller ones for the head.

Once you have done this, push the smaller snowball onto the larger one. This will create a Snowboy. To get a perfect one, you need to have the ratio of the balls exact.

There are a few ways to do this other than judging yourself. You can roll the balls for 17 seconds and 12 seconds. Use a timer or count in your head. This usually produces the right size for a Perfect Snowboy.

Another method is by comparing the height. Roll the bigger snowball to the maximum size possible. After this, your smaller one should reach the bottom of your character’s earlobes.

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