Halo Infinite Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating Location

If you are set on collecting all the Mjolnir Armor Lockers in Halo Infinite Campaign, you will find one of these to be particularly hard to get. As you know, discovering these on the map lets you snag some nifty cosmetics from them. For most of them, their locations, while not always in plain view, aren’t too out of the way, so you can discover them relatively easy, with just a bit of looking around. The Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating is another matter altogether, and its location is by no means simple to get to. To help you find your way to this particular Mjolnir Armor Locker, our Halo Infinite Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating Location guide will tell you exactly how you can get to it.

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Halo Infinite Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating Location

Where to Find Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating Halo Infinite

There are several reasons why this sole Armor Locker is hard to find. The first of these is because it is the only Mjolnir Armor Locker that doesn’t appear on the map after you have taken over any enemy bases. What you want to do here is to head to the southern tip of the map. There is a large trench running through this area. By far, the easiest way to get here is to use one of the flying modes of transportation in the game and simply fly there. Carefully look over the right side of the trench and you will soon spot a small outcropping that has the Armor Locker on it. You should easily be able to see it thanks to its specific green glow.

Go there, open the locker, and you will claim the Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating. The alternative to flying is to go there on foot and use the Grappleshot to carefully drop down from the top of the ledge and make your way from platform to platform until you reach the Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating location.

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