Horn of Abolition Audio Logs Halo Infinite Collectibles

The Halo Infinite Campaign features an open-world that slowly opens up as you play the game. Like most modern open-world games it, too, is full of collectibles that you can come across in all areas. And, if you are a completionist player, you will want to get all of them. The Horn of Abolition is an area that has several collectibles there in the form of audio logs. To save you the time you would have had to spend searching for these on your own, our Horn of Abolition Audio Logs Halo Infinite Collectibles guide is here to show you where all of them can be found.

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Horn of Abolition Audio Logs Halo Infinite Collectibles

Horn of Abolition Banished Audio Logs Halo Infinite

There are two Banished Audio Logs in this area. The first of them can be found in the building left from the tower structure. Go inside and it will be in the first room there, set against a wall in the left corner. The second Banished Audio Log here is in a big building with the ramp. Go there and turn right at the entrance, you will find it in the corner there.

Halo Infinite Horn of Abolition UNSC Audio Logs

Besides the two Banished Audio Logs, there are also two UNSC Audio Logs in Horn of Abolition. To get to the first UNSC Audio Log here, grapple up the mountain in the southeast corner of this location. You will find it next to some military supplies there. The second UNSC Audio Log is on the east end of this location, on top of a rock.

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