Real or Fake Paintings & Statues in Animal Crossing New Horizons

A bunch of new paintings and statues have been added to Animal Crossing New Horizons recently. They can be bought from Jolly Redd, the shady art dealer, and you can either donate them to the museum or use them as furniture. However, a lot of them are fakes, and Blathers won’t accept those. If you want to avoid being scammed by Redd, you’ll have to know the difference. This guide will show you how to know if painting or statues is real or fake in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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real or fake paintings statues animal crossing new horizons
Real or Fake Paintings & Statues in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to know if painting or statue is real or fake

All of the works of art you can buy from Redd are based on real life pieces. The only way to tell the forgery is to compare it to the original. The game only tells you how Redd calles the items, though, which is a problem if you want to compare them to the originals. We’ve collected the info in one place to make things easier for you.

Artwork nameHow to spot fake
Academic PaintingThe fake has a coffee cup stain in the upper right corner
Amazing PaintingThe man in black in the center doesn’t have a hat in the fake
Ancient StatueThe fake has two antennae on its head
Basic PaintingThe hair in the fake is longer, with thicker bangs
Beautiful StatueThe fake has a necklace
Calm PaintingAlways real
Common PaintingAlways real
Detailed PaintingThe fake has purple flowers
Dynamic PaintingAlways real
Familiar StatueAlways real
Famous PaintingThe fake has raised eyebrows
Flowery PaintingAlways real
Gallant StatueThe fake has a book in the right hand
Glowing PaintingAlways real
Graceful PaintingThe woman is bigger in the fake, and she doesn’t have the white ribbon in her hair near the shoulder
Great StatueAlways real
Informative StatueThe fake is blue
Jolly PaintingThe fake doesn’t have the weird bud stemming from the chest
Moody PaintingAlways real
Motherly StatueThe fake has the wolf’s tongue hanging out of her mouth
Moving PaintingThe fake doesn’t have trees in the upper right corner
Mysterious PaintingAlways real
Mystic StatueThe fake has an earring
Nice PaintingAlways real
Perfect PaintingAlways real
Proper PaintingAlways real
Quaint PaintingThe milk in the fake is flowing in copious amounts, instead of dripping
Robust StatueThe fake has a wristwatch
Rock-head StatueThe fake has a faint smile
Scary PaintingThe fake’s eyebrows are sad/scared/disgusted instead of angry
Scenic PaintingThe fake has only one man in the foreground
Serene PaintingThe fake has what looks like a platypus instead of an ermine
Sinking PaintingAlways real
Solemn PaintingThe man in the doorway has his whole arm visible in the fake
Tremendous StatueThe fake has a lid on top
Twingkling PaintingAlways real
Valiant StatueThe fake has its left leg in front of the right, instead of the other way around
Warm PaintingAlways real
Warrior StatueThe fake is holding a shovel or sword in its hands
Wild Painting Left HalfThe demon in the fake is green instead of white
Wild Painting Right HalfThe demon in the fake is white instead of green
Wistful PaintingThe fake has a star-shaped earring
Worthy PaintingAlways real


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