Borderlands 3 Sand Hawk Legendary Weapon - How to Get

Sand Hawk is a legendary weapon in Borderlands 3. It was added along with the Mayhem Mode 2.0 update, and if you’re a fan of earlier games in the series, the name might ring a bell. It’s a sniper rifle this time around, but it’s still quite fun. Since the game doesn’t just tell you how to get it, we will. This guide will show you how to obtain the Borderlands 3 Sand Hawk legendary weapons.

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borderlands 3 sand hawk
Borderlands 3 Sand Hawk Legendary Weapon

How to get Sandhawk in Mayhem Mode?

Like with most other things in Borderlands 3, there’s going to be some grinding here. There’s only one place we’ve heard of where you can get the Sandhawk, and it’s a boss in Mayhem Mode. The boss in question is Katagawa Jr., and the weapon can only drop on Mayhem 6 or above. So just set the difficulty level to six or higher and keep killing the Atlas HQ boss until you get your Sand Hawk. In order to speed up the process, you should equip your strongest single target weapon that does shock damage and just focus on Katagawa Junior.

Although it’s a sniper rifle with a scope and everything, the range on the Sand Hawk isn’t all that impressive. What is impressive are the bullets which spread out in the form of a bird with its wings spread. Not that you’ll have time to appreciate the details in all the chaos. It’s worth noting that it does more damage in semi-automatic mode than in full auto, and the projectiles deal splash damage when they hit their target. The most important thing about it is the unique perk, though – it increases your damage and reload speed by 5% for 25 seconds every time you kill an enemy with it, and the effect stacks. This means that cleaning up a bunch of low-level scumbags will allow you to take down a boss with only a couple of magazines.

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