How to Upgrade Harv's Island - ACNH 2.0

Harvey – Harv for short – is a character that has been been in ANCH for a long time, but now, with its 2.0 update, you will be able to upgrade his island. While you previously would have visited Harv primarily for his photography studio (called Photopia), now you can build up the island’s plaza to hold all manner of shops and NPC merchants there. If you are interested in doing this, our How to Upgrade Harv’s Island – ACNH 2.0 guide will explain everything that you need to do to uncover Harv’s Island.

How to Upgrade Harv's Island - ACNH 2.0

How to Update Harvey Island in Animal Crossing 2.0

The most important thing that we have to point out first is that you will need to have a 3 Star Island in order to be able to do this. If that’s the case, the rest of the process is fairly simple. First, talk to Harvey on your island when he appears there. After that, visit his island via Dodo Airlines and finish the photo studio tutorial. Once you have done that, leave his island. Then, wait for one day – either the usual way, or by employing time travel. The very next day, you should receive a letter from Harv, so be sure to check your mailbox.

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Fly to Harv’s Island again, and this time Wilbur will mention that there’s something strange about the island. Go to the back of Harv’s photo studio and you will see him and Harriet in the middle of a large area. After speaking with them, it will turn out that Harv wants to use this area to create a bustling plaza with many shops. You can invest your Bells into this project, and by doing so, merchants will stay on this island and be available there to shop for most of the day. This is especially useful for merchants such as Leif, who sells starts and seeds needed to grow crops and vegetables.

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