COD Vanguard Camo Challenges not Tracking Bug

The COD Vanguard camo challenges not tracking bug is an issue that has been hitting people without any apparent pattern. The only common factor that appears with fair regularity is the STG progress not tracking. All in all, it’s quite a mess, and players want to know what they can do about it. Well, we’ll explain everything we know about the situation in this guide.

cod vanguard camo challenges not tracking bug
COD Vanguard Camo Challenges not Tracking Bug

Camo Challenges not Tracking Bug in COD Vanguard

Let’s review what we know about the COD Vanguard camo challenges not tracking bug so far. For one, it seems to mostly be affecting the STG, which is a gun that also exists in Warzone. It might have something to do with players having leveled the rifle in Warzone, so now it refuses to track any progress in Vanguard. That might not be the case at all, but it is a tentative agreement among players on Reddit and Twitter. That’s all fine and dandy, but there’s unfortunately more to it.

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See, the problem is that the STG is not the only weapon affected by the bug, just the most-reported one. And the glitch sometimes affects a specific weapon with one player, but doesn’t for another player. So, what the heck is actually going on? Well, the long and short of it is – we don’t know. It’s just one in a myriad of issues that Call of Duty bugs that happen at launch. AS for what you can do about the COD Vanguard Camo Challenges not Tracking bug… you can’t really do anything, as far as we know. Feel free to share any fix that you know of below.

The best advice I have for you is to keep bombarding Activision support with reports to make damn sure that the developers know about it. They’re probably already aware of it, of course, and are probably trying to fix it, but even so. This, coupled with other problems like the packet burst situation makes for a pretty dodgy launch, all things considered.

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