How to Get Secret Weapon UNMAYKR in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Unmaykr is a secret weapon in the game that you unlock by gathering six special Empyrean Keys. The Unmaykr secret gun in Doom Eternal is an alternate version of the BFG that works more like a machine gun, destroying everything in its way. Considering its destructive potential, you’re gonna want to obtain the Unmaykr as soon as possible. We’ll show you what you have to do for that in our How to Get Secret Weapon UNMAYKR in Doom Eternal guide.

How to Get Secret Weapon UNMAYKR in Doom Eternal
How to Get Secret Weapon UNMAYKR in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Unmaykr Secret Weapon – How to Unlock?

To unlock the Unmaykr secret weapon in Doom Eternal, you have to gather six Empyrean Keys and insert them in the rib-like cage machine in the depths of the Fortress of Doom. We’ll show you the exact location in the images below. Anyway, you can interact with this machine by pressing the round button in the middle of the base whenever you have one of the Empyrean Key. After you enter all six, the “ribs” will go away, and the Unmaykr will be yours for the taking. And given what this thing can do, it’s worth the trouble you go through to get it.

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Speaking of, how does one get the six Empyrean Keys? Well, we explain that in detail in our Doom Eternal Slayer Key & Gate Locations – Unlock Unmaykr with Empyrean Keys guide, so check that out. Here’s the brief rundown: in missions 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9, you can find a Slayer Key. They are large, purple, and usually hidden from the beaten path. Near the key, you’ll find a purple Slayer Gate; they’re very difficult to miss. Use the key to unlock it.

Beyond the Slayer Gate, there’s something that looks like a hand holding an orb. Interact with it, and you’ll be sent into an arena full of difficult enemies that you’ll have to kill. When you clear all the enemies, you’ll go back to the chamber, and one Empyrean Key will appear in the center. Do this in all six missions that have Slayer Keys and gates, go back to the Fortress of Doom, and the Unmaykr is yours.

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