When Does Leif Come in Animal Crossing - No Leif on Nature Day

Leif is a new vendor in Animal Crossing New Horizons. He appears during Nature Day celebrations, and runs a garden shop. He sells some new plants, like azalea and tea-olive shrubs. He’s a sloth with heavy makeup and a green cap, and he appears in the plaza. Some people are experiencing an issue where Leif is missing. It might be bug, but it also might be down to weird update practices at Nintendo. If you’re one of them, this guide is going to show you how to get Leif in ACNH, when does Leif appear.

when does leif come in animal crossing new horizons
When Does Leif Come in Animal Crossing – No Leif on Nature Day

How to get Leif in New Horizons?

Leif is supposed to appear at the Plaza on April 23rd and stay there until May 4th. But in order for him to spawn, you have to download the update before running the game. If you’ve already ran the game today before the update is deployed, you won’t get the Nature Day talk from Isabelle in her morning briefing. Since all the changes are applied once a new day starts, this means you’ll have missed your chance to see Leif today.

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However, as you’ve probably learned by now, time is relative in Animal Crossing. If Leif is missing despite it being April 23rd, just shut the game off, download the new update, and use time travel to push the clock to April 24th.

Leif is missing

Sometimes, Leif won’t appear even if you’ve done everything right. It’s almost certainly a bug and there’s not much you can do about it. It seems like he definitely won’t appear if your birthday is on April 23rd – the birthday event takes precedence over the Nature Day celebration.

Time travel might help here as well. The only surefire solution is visiting the island of a player who already has Leif and using his services there. It’s not ideal, but it works. Feel free to share your dodo codes in the comments if you want to help out Leifless players.

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  1. L

    Dodo Code is 1K4XY

    1. L
      Leifless Player

      This code won’t work do you have a solution, thanks!

      1. G
        Gosu No0b

        Probably he’s not in the game any more. Maybe someone else who has Leif on his island will leave his code and invite players to visit his island.

  2. V
    Vanishing Leif

    I got leif yesterday (march 23rd) but today I went back on and he had vanished? Any ideas what has happened?

    1. M

      Oh that’s because Leif doesn’t appear each day on your island it’s random. Try changing your date to the day after to see if Leif will be there tomorrow. If not then keep going forward in time to see Leif’s next visit. You can just visit Leif in the future on a day Leif is there or you can go back to yesterday. Also what time is it for you because my update was on 22nd and around 2:50 for me. I think it depends on the time zone on which you get the update early but the thing is I update the game on April 23rd in the morning and I saw Leif and then I went back in time and that was the first day of Nature Day for me. For some reason when I went back to April 23rd Leif was gone unless I forgot to change the date back to normal because I time travel a lot. I am so confused.

    2. A

      I’m having that very same issue

      1. J

        Same here. He was there for one day and the next day. Poof! Gone😓

  3. K

    Honestly, it’s kind of a game breaking issue to have other events interrupt like this? I’m honestly surprised Nintendo hasn’t fixed it yet :/

  4. J

    I agree with K. Nintendo usually will fix the bug almost immediately. Have they not seen that players don’t see him. And I actually like leif. I wanted my island rating to go to 3 stars.😦

  5. E

    Leif has not showed up at all for me. I closed down the game and updated it on the morning of the update. I assumed after research he didn’t come because I had just unlocked K.K Slider for that day, then the next Redd showed up (so no Leif), then K.K slider because it was Saturday, then I assumed he didn’t come yesterday because of Daisy Mae. But he is not here again Redd is here again (or at least his boat) so I don’t know what to do. I have never time travelled and wasn’t wanting to but I also want to check that he will come some day. But I heard you cant time travel with turnips. Do you also have to have a certain rating for him to come?
    Thank you in advance

    1. J

      How I can add friends so they can visit my island and I can visit them ????

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