The Division 2 Eight-Hour Free Trial Now Available

Ubisoft has released an eight-hour free trial for The Division 2. It’s available on all platforms (except Stadia, at the time of writing), and it gives you access to the base game for as long as the limited playtime lasts. You can experience the story campaign, customize your character, play alone or with friends, and so on.

The Division 2 Eight-Hour Free Trial Now Available
The Division 2 Eight-Hour Free Trial Now Available

Have you been watching The Division 2 from the sidelines, wanting to join in but not knowing whether it’s worth the money? Well, now you can give it a spin without worrying about that. Starting with April 21st, you have the chance to, as the announcement puts it, “group up to complete activities, take back control points and complete both main and side missions to progress in the story campaign” for free. You can play the trial on all platforms, except on Stadia, where it is “not available at this moment in time.” Which, I assume, means it will be at a later date.

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So, what exactly do you get in the free eight hours that you can spend with The Division 2? Well, you’ll get to play, among other things, the Story Campaign and “progress your agent up to level 8 through in-game activities.” You can reclaim Washington DC either by yourself, or in co-op with your friends. And, of course, you’ll get to customize your agent and “improve your weapons, gear, and skills.” In short, the “demo” lets you experience the entirety of the base game for a limited time.

Once the eight hours of playtime, the free trial is over, and you’ll have to purchase the full game in order to continue. As is the case with all such trials, you’ll get to keep all the progress you’ve made if you choose to upgrade to the full Division 2. So, yeah; if The Division 2 seems compelling to you, give it a whirl. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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