Anthem Coin Farming - How to Earn Coins Fast

Coins are the main currency in Anthem. They’re used to buy all kinds of gear, weapons and vanity items. Since they’re used for pretty much everything, you’ll want to get as many as possible. Sadly, the rate at which you earn them leaves much to be desired. If you want to maximize your profits, you should focus your efforts. This guide will show you how to farm coins in Anthem, so you can buy all the cosmetics you want without spending real money.

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anthem coin farming how to earn coins fast
Anthem Coin Farming – How to Earn Coins Fast

The game will literally shower you with coins at first. You will get them for completing story missions, side quests, various expeditions and free roam activities. A lot of the challenges will reward you with obscene amounts of coin. However, this will all dry up as you play. At some point, there will be no more lucrative challenges and no more missions you can complete for the first time. That’s when you’ll have to resort to coin farming.

How to farm coins in Anthem

The best way to obtain coin are trials. There are daily, weekly and monthly trials – you can start them by visiting the guy with the hourglasses in the hub. You can check your progress by opening up your journal and going to the challenges tab. They’ll be listed under Path of Glory. Some daily challenges reward you with coin, but most just give you low tier materials. The weeklies are another thing altogether – at the time of writing, there were four weekly trials, each worth 2000 coins.

Then there’s the alliance system – it won’t earn you as much, but it’s passive income, so it might even be better. Thanks to this system, you’ll get a certain amount of coins each week just for playing. It incentivizes connecting with other players, as it increases your weekly income by adding up bonus coin for people on your friends list who play the game as well as random teammates you meet up with. Make friends to increase profit.

Finally, some of the dozens of respawning chests you can find around the world hold coins. We still haven’t been able to check exactly how long the respawn timer is, or whether there are chests which are guaranteed to drop coins, but it’s a worthwhile pursuit.

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