Metro Exodus Postcard Locations - Where to Find Collectibles

Postcards in Metro Exodus are collectibles that you can find scattered around the world. The Metro Exodus postcard locations are pretty well hidden, considering that you’re looking for tiny bits of paper in the chaos of the post-apocalypse. Collecting all the postcards in Metro Exodus gives you the Old World Pictures trophy / achievement. Our Metro Exodus Postcard Locations – Where to Find Collectibles guide is going to show you how to get all of the postcards hidden around the game.

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Metro Exodus Postcard Locations - Where to Find Collectibles
Metro Exodus Postcard Locations – Where to Find Collectibles

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it further as we discover more postcard locations.

Where to Find Postcards Collectible in Metro Exodus Chapter 1 – Moscow?

To find the postcards in the first chapter in Metro Exodus, you’ll first have to get through the introductory part of the level. The first postcard that you can find in the game is in the medical ward, where you wake up after almost dying. This is also where you can find one of the Metro Exodus Chapter 1 diaries. Anyway, walk through the hospital until you come across two guys sitting behind several desks. Turn right, and walk into the next room; the one where you can see people through the door glass. Look to the right, and examine the upper left corner of the large, green cupboard to find the postcard.

To get the second postcard in the Moscow chapter, wait until your little talk with Anna on the rooftop is over. Walk with her into the building, and go down the first set of stairs. Then, instead of going further down, walk the short corridor, and into the open apartment on the right. Approach the broken window, and look for the postcard on the right side, above the calendar.

Volga Chapter 3 Postcard Locations in Metro Exodus

There are five postcard locations in the third chapter of Metro Exodus, called The Volga. The first one we came across was in the safe house (marked with green houses on the map) in the far southwest of the area. You’ll have to climb a huge digger, then go down the yellow ladder to access the safe room. The postcard is on the wall next to the one window without chain link fencing on it.

The second postcard in this region is in the safe house in the northeast of the main island. The safe house looks like an abandoned train car. Look to the right, and you’ll see the postcard in the upper left corner of the machinery.

The third postcard we found was in the safe house in the far east of the region, at the top of the second-largest island. You’ll have to walk through a veritable graveyard of cistern train cars to get there. Eventually, you’ll come across a shack on the left that’s covered in metal sheets, and with boarded-up windows. The postcard is on the wall directly in front of you as you walk inside.

You can get the fourth postcard near the end of the Volga chapter, as you make your way back through the church. Go to the door made of metal bars on the right, behind the cult’s symbol of the boat, and shoot the lock off. Go inside, past the giant tank on the left. In the next room, go to the left of the room, where the fire is burning in the metal barrel. The postcard is on the wall, to the right of the fire.

The fifth postcard in the third chapter is, chronologically speaking, the first one you’ll come across. If you’ve missed it, you can restart the chapter to collect it. Anyway, after your talk with Katya and Nastya, and your escape through the window, find your way back to the central part of the church, where the altar is. Go through the door on the left of the altar, and climb up the ladder on the left. You should now be in a communal bedroom. Look for the postcard on the ornate wall to the right of the toy elephant.

Yamantau Metro Exodus Postcards – Where to Find?

The first postcard that you can find in Yamantau, the horrifying lair of cannibals, is pretty much right after you exit the horrifying (bone-chilling, if you will) freezer. You’ll come across a yellow breaker box on the right that you have to turn on. This will reveal a shooting range. Crawl below the debris, and look for the postcard on the target on the right.

The second postcard in Yamantau becomes available after you push far enough into the cannibal stronghold. Spoiler alert right here. After you free Anna from the Minister, you can explore the room further. After a little dialogue via radio, Anna will open the double doors. The postcard is on the left of the double doors, between some pipes.

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