Metro Exodus Where to Tune Radio - Join Us on Air Trophy

The radio in Metro Exodus is a minor mechanic in the game. You have to use it a few times in the game, as a part of a mid-chapter section, and to earn one of the trophies in Metro Exodus. Specifically, tuning the radio to a specific frequency earns you the Join Us on Air achievement. Our Metro Exodus Where to Tune Radio – Join Us on Air Trophy guide is going to show you how to tune the radio after the first chapter in the game, and how to get the achievement tied to it.

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Metro Exodus Where to Tune Radio Join Us on Air Trophy
Metro Exodus Where to Tune Radio – On The Air Trophy

How to Tune Radio after Metro Exodus Chapter 1 Moscow?

To tune the radio after the first chapter of Metro Exodus, you’ll have to use either the left analog stick on consoles, or the “A” and “D” keys on PC. You have to turn the dial left or right to find the correct frequency. Of course, you’ll have to do so gently, so that you don’t miss the mark.

how to tune aurora radio metro exodus

As for the frequency, we found the radio signal around the 55 mark on the third bar. Slightly to the right of the 55 mark, to be exact. So, turn the dial until you reach 55 on the third bar, and then slowly inch it to the right. It’s a little fiddly with the analog stick, to be sure, so you’re gonna have to move them slowly. Once you find the correct frequency, the game will then proceed to the next dialogue, and you’re off to Chapter 3 – The Volga.

Where to Tune Radio in Metro Exodus for Join Us on Air Achievement / Trophy?

To get the Join Us on Air trophy in Metro Exodus, you have to find some music on the radio. You can access the radio during the interim chapters, like Winter and Spring. We found the music between the 450 mark on the second bar and the 65 mark on the third bar. Check out our video below to see for yourself. I do have to note here that the music might appear slightly at random, so, if you don’t find the music here, keep twiddling the dial slowly until you find it.

So, that’s what you need to know about tuning the radio in Metro Exodus. If you need help with anything else in the game, check out some of our other guides, including How to Fix Broken Gas Mask – Martian Trophy, How to Scrap Weapons & Clean Guns, and Guitar & Teddy Bear Locations – Friend of The Crew Trophy.

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