EA Investigating Anthem's PS4 System Crashing Issue

After Anthem fans playing on PlayStation 4 raised the alarm about the game causing system crashes, the developers have swooped in to investigate the problem. At the time of writing, they’re still investigating the issue. They’re encouraging people to report the problem whenever it happens to help them gather info. In the meantime, I’d recommend abstaining from Anthem for the time being, in order to avoid your PS4 bricking.

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EA Investigating Anthems PS4 System Crashing Issue
EA Investigating Anthem’s PS4 System Crashing Issue

As we’ve covered already in our previous article on the subject, Anthem is causing massive problems on the PlayStation 4. It’s causing the system to crash, to be exact; an equivalent of pulling the plug right out of the socket. Needless to say, this is a really serious issue. The best-case scenario is that your system has to repair itself upon rebooting. The worst case is that it can apparently brick your PS4, as some people have reported.

Of course, Anthem players on PlayStation have kicked up a storm, as they well should. And, of course, this has reached the ears of EA. So, they’ve responded to the situation on the EA Help Twitter:

Well, that’s fair enough, I suppose. They can’t really be expected to solve such a major problem fast. Yes, it would’ve been nice if it didn’t happen at all, but hey, if wishes were horses and all that.

So, that’s where we are now. The developers are presumably working hard to fix this issue, but people are still in danger of Anthem outright bricking their system. In other words, if you want your PS4 to be safe, the best course of action is to not play Anthem until the problem is resolved. And report your problem here. It’s a sucky situation, to be sure; one can only hope that it goes away as soon as possible.

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