Dead By Daylight Shows Off New Plague Killer in Trailer

The developers of Dead by Daylight have announced a new content patch for the game. The update, called Demise of the Faithful, introduces the usual batch of new stuff: a killer, a map, and a survivor. And, well, this new killer really looks cool and has some frightening abilities. The survivor is cool, too, but the killers are my jam.

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Dead By Daylight Shows Off New Plague Killer in Trailer
Dead By Daylight Shows Off New Plague Killer in Trailer

First of all, let’s cover the new killer, called simply The Plague. She was the High Priestess of Babylon, who tried to protect her people from a plague. She, of course, failed, and has apparently since become some kind of disease-spreading undead creature. Since the killer is always the most interesting aspect of every update for me, I won’t reveal anything more about The Plague here. For more info, check out the Demise of the Faithful announcement on the game’s forum.

Of course, a new killer always comes with a new map and a new survivor, and The Plague is no exception. Her map is Temple of Purgation, and the little we can see of it looks adequately terrifying. It’s like a strange, underground temple “dedicated to the cleansing of the High Priestess’s followers.” The survivor, on the other hand, is Jane Romero. We’re not going to go into her backstory; check out the forum post for that. Instead, here are her perks. She has Solidarity (while injured, healing a Survivor also heals you), Poised (after completing a generator, the Survivor will not leave scratch marks for a short time) and Head On (activates during standing in a locker; while activated, performing a rushed action to leave a locker stuns The Killer if they are standing within range, then causes Exhaustion to you).

The Demise of the Faithful content has no release date as of writing this article. However, it will enter PTB (Player Test Build) by the end of the week. Incidentally, the devs are also including changes to the Decisive Strike perk in the same PTB, so you’ll get a swing at that, as well.

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