Anthem on PlayStation 4 Causing Complete System Crashes

A new problem has been causing some fresh problems. Specifically, it appears that it has been causing system crashes on the PlayStation 4, and even the Xbox One. Of course, this got a lot of Anthem players worried that the game might damage their systems. Apparently, this has caused Sony to give some customers refunds upon request.

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Anthem on PlayStation 4 Causing Complete System Crashes
Anthem on PlayStation 4 Causing Complete System Crashes

So, um… Anthem is in trouble again, it seems. According to a Reddit post, it has been causing complete system shutdowns on the PS4. And not like a safe shutdown, either. It causes the equivalent of pulling the plug from the wall. Consequently, when you reboot the console, it has to repair itself, as well as any hard drives that you may have had connected. So, needless to say, people have been freaking out, since the simple act of playing Anthem can damage their systems at any given moment. Worse still, Xbox One owners have also complained about the same issue.

The worst part of the whole thing is that there’s nothing you can do about it really. There’s no way for you to fix the problem, or work around it, or anything. Luckily, some people on the same Reddit thread have reported that they have managed to get a refund from Sony. The company normally has a no-refund policy, but it appears that a disastrous situation like this might be an exception. Others have written about how Sony refused to refund them, so your mileage might vary. The only thing more I can say it good luck.

This is, of course, just one of quite a bit of problems that Anthem has been experiencing. In case you need help with anything else, feel free to browse through our Anthem guides. Among others, we have Legendary Weapon Disappeared – Legion of Dawn Not Showing Up – How to Fix, World Event Locations – Trial of Artinia, and How to switch weapons on PS4, XBOX One and PC.

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