Anthem Endgame - What to Do After You Beat Campaign

Anthem’s endgame comes after you beat the campaign. After finishing the main story, you’ll be left with a handful of activities you can undertake over and over again in order to push your character to the level cap and get better gear. If you’re already there, wondering what’s next, our Anthem endgame guide will show you what to do after you complete the game.

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anthem endgame
Anthem Endgame – What to Do After You Beat Campaign

What to do after completing the story?

At the moment, there’s not a lot you can do. The endgame consists of repeating strongholds and taking on contracts, mostly. You will unlock Stronghold no.2 – The Temple of Scar and Stronghold no.3 – The Heart of the Rage. You can also use quickplay to help other players with their missions, or roam free play and take part in world events. You’ll even get a new challenge of the legionnaires to track your progress through the endgame. It’s called Challenge of Valor, and in order to complete it, you’ll have to finish 100 world events, 25 strongholds, 25 contracts and 25 quickplay sessions.

The pickings are relatively slim, and you’ll probably focus your efforts on comlpeting the challenges you have left and getting progressively better gear. Thankfully, the game is going to be updated, and the first batch of new content is coming in March. It’s called Act 1, and it consists of three updates. The first is called Evolving World, the second Stronger Together, and the third is The Cataclysm.

Between themselves, they’ll bring new events, quality of life improvements, new rewards, and expanded progression system, new strongholds, guilds and leaderboards, new missions and something called The Cataclysm, which could end up being a raid or a similar group activity. Honestly, that sounds like a lot of stuff. I guess the advice would be to try not to blow through what’s already in the game too quickly, as more is coming, and it’s coming soon.

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