Anthem How Luck Works & Does It Affect Drops

Luck is one of the stats in Anthem. Unlike the other stats, like health, armor, damage and so on, luck is a bit vague. The game doesn’t offer any description, so it’s kind of hard to figure out what it exactly does. Does it affect hit percentages? Drop chance? Loot quality? It’s a difficult question, but thankfully, one of the developers decided to share the answer on social media. If you’re interested in it, you’ll find a detailed explanation of how luck works in Anthem below.

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anthem how luck works
Anthem How Luck Works & Does It Affect Drops

Luck stat in Anthem

UPDATE: According to Brenon Holmes, technical design director at Bioware, luck affects item drop rate and rarity. Everyone starts off with a 100 luck, and your drop chance and drop rarity increases with every 10 points you gather. The upper limit is at 190 luck.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Since info in the game itself is sparse, there have been a bunch of theories in the community. Some thought it affects your chances of getting certain types of loot, others claimed it affects the rarity of your loot. Others still thought it could have something to do with your chance to hit, or even cooldowns.

Luckily, some brave soul reached out to Ben Irving, Anthem’s lead producer, on Twitter. They went into the lion’s den to ask this fateful question, and the lion took the time to answer it instead of just eating them. Here’s thruth, straight from the lion’s mouth:

So there you have it. It’s about increasing your chances of getting nice loot. This probably means you’ll want to hang onto items which increase the luck stat as long as possible, as they’ll help you get better stuff in less time than you otherwise would. The whole discussions started when players began to notice that one of the preorder bonus items, the legendary weapon, actually increases the user’s luck.

It’s a nice perk to have, but it’s far from essential. You’re going to be changing your gear often enough, so there’s no use in clinging to stuff just because of a stat like this.

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