Anthem How to Get Appearance Unlocks For Javelin - Faction Rewards

Appearance customization is a big part of Anthem. Everyone wants to make their javelin unique, and the developers have created a detailed character customization system that allows it. hHowever, you’ll start the game with a paltry few wear states and paint jobs. If you truly want to look different, you’ll have to get more. This guide will show you how to get appearance unlocks for javelin in Anthem.

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anthem how to get appearance unlocks javelin
Anthem How to Get Appearance Unlocks For Javelin

How to unlock appearance customization options – paint jobs, wear states?

The most obvious way would be item drops. You can get some of these items as loot when opening chests, completing missions, or killing particular enemies. There’s also the option to buy them from the vanity shop, using either in-game coins or the shard premium currency.

However, there’s also a reliable and cheap way to get them. Various apprearance customization items can be obtained by leveling up your faction reputation. All three factions will give you paint jobs and wear states when you complete enough loyalty challenges. There aren’t that many of them, but keep in mind they can be combined to great effect. Each wear state works differently with different colors, and the paint jobs and materials screen allows you to use six different colors on your javelin.

Anthem faction rewards

Here’s a list of the rewards you’ll get when completing the loyalty challenges for Freelancers, Sentinels and Arcanists. These only cover the first two levels, which is what we’ve seen in the game. There’s bound to be more, and we’ll update the guide when we obtain them.

  • Freelancers:
    • Loyalty 1: Standard wear state, all uncommon universal component blueprints
    • Loyalty 2: Clean wear state, all rare universale component blueprints
    • Loyalty 3: New wear state, all epic universal component blueprints
  • Sentinels:
    • Loyalty 1: All uncommon javelin-specific component blueprints
    • Loyalty 2: Tin, iron & lead paint colors (metal), all rare javelin-specific component blueprints
    • Loyalty 3: Titanium, chromium, nickel, all epic javelin-specific component blueprints
  • Arcanists:
    • Loyalty 1: All uncommon weapon sigils
    • Loyalty 2: Tungsten, silver & platinum paint colors (metal), all rare weapon sigils
    • Loyalty 3: Bronze, brass, copper paint, all epic weapon sigils
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  1. R

    Recently started playing Anthem on Xbox One. Can’t figure out how to get new armor for my Javelin. As in a new helmet. Either to buy it in an in-game shop or craft from a blueprint. How do you find new armor parts?? Thanx

    1. B
      Buy it in the appearance part at the forge

      Go to the forge and buy it in the appearance part

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