Anthem How to Play with Friends - Co-op, Invite & Join

Co-op is a big part of Anthem. Playing with others makes stuff more interesting, but it also makes the game easier by letting you have more tools in your tool box. If you have friends who play Anthem, you’ll probably want to team up with them, as it’s usually more fun than relying on random strangers. This guide will show you how to play Anthem with friends, how to invite them into your squad or join theirs.

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anthem how to play with friends
Anthem How to Play with Friends – Co-op, Invite & Join

How to play co-op in Anthem?

There are two ways you can squad up with friends. If you’re roaming around the map, you can use the menu. Navigate to the social tab, then select squad. You’ll see your name and three empty spaces. Choose any of those, and your friends list will pop up, letting you invite anyone you’ve made a connection with.

If you just want help with a mission, you can call friends over using the expedition screen. Interact with your javelin in Fort Tarsis, then scroll to the right, into the squad tab. It’s pretty much the same – you’ll see your name and three empty slots below it.

If somebody else invites you into their squad, you’ll get a pop-up notifying you of the invite, and you’ll simply have to click a button to accept it. Playing with random strangers is the default, with lobbies being marked as public, so if that’s what you’re looking for, just jump in and the matchmaking system will find you appropriate expedition mates. You can even team up with one or two friends and let the algorithm fill up the rest of the positions.

If you’re having trouble with getting the game to work, check out our Anthem errors & problems guide for tips on how to solve or avoid them.

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