Anthem How to Clean Javelin Suit & Unlock Wear States

Wear states are customization items in Anthem. After you’ve applied the paint, vinyls and decals, you can make your javelin look clean, dirty or worn out using wear states. Since you only start with a few of these in your inventory, and the game doesn’t do a wonderful job of explaining things, a lot of people are wondering how to clean javelin suit in Anthem. This guide will help you do that by showing you how to unlock wear states.

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anthem how to clean javelin
Anthem How to Clean Javelin Suit & Unlock Wear States

How to change javelin appearance to clean?

The short answer is: wear states. When you start playing, you’ll only have two relatively dirty wear states, which means your suit won’t look amazing. If you want to make the javelin not look worn out, you’ll have to unlock more. You can’t really buy them, craft them, or find them as loot, so it’s understandable some people are getting frustrated by this. Thankfully, there is a way to get more.

You’ll unlock new wear states by increasing your standing with the Freelancers faction. At reputation level 1, you’ll get the Standard wear state. At level 2, you’ll unlock the Clean state. Getting to level 3 nets you the New state. All of them will result in that clean javelin suit look, although at varying degrees. The first one isn’t spotless, but it’s much better than what you start out with, and it only get better as you progress.

How to increase Freelancer reputation?

You’ll increase your faction reputation with the Freelancers by completing challenges. You can see the full list of requirements if you go to the challenges menu, open up the factions category and inspect an entry called Freelancer Loyalty. In there, you’ll find all the info about stuff you need to do if you want to change your javelin to look clean.

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