Metro Exodus Diary Page Locations Chapter 3 Volga

Diary page locations in Metro Exodus are a collectible that you can find. You have to look really hard for the Metro Exodus diaries, or notes, though, since some of them are really well-hidden. This is especially true for the more open areas, such as the Volga section. Our Metro Exodus Diary Page Locations Chapter 3 Volga guide is going to show you where to find the collectibles in the third chapter of the game.

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Metro Exodus Diary Page Locations Chapter 3 Volga
Metro Exodus Diary Page Locations Chapter 3 Volga

Where to Find Diaries in Metro Exodus Volga Chapter 3?

To find the diaries in Chapter 3 of Metro Exodus, you’ll have to go exploring through the many nooks and crannies of the flooded area. For example, one of the documents, Mouldy Log, is in the west of the area, at the base of the peninsula to the north. There’s a chunk of plane fuselage there, and a corpse on a dirty mattress. The diary is next to the corpse.

Then, we have the First Faded Note, which is in a basement in the trainyard on the island in the southwest of the area, not far from the safe house. Go into the basement of the ruined building, next to the huge crane. You’ll have to force the door open. Be careful, as there is a mutant hiding just around the corner, and will come at you as soon as you set foor inside. The diary itself is on the shelves in the corner where the mutant came from.

Another diary you can find in the Volga region is in a bandit camp in the north of the main island, not far from Duke’s outpost. This is the same place where you take the first step to finding the night vision goggles. After you’ve cleaned out the place, from the entrance, go straight to the table with the red tablecloth. Turn left, and check out the crate that you’ll come across. The Folded Letter is in a sealed envelope next to a dead chicken.

You can find the locations of all the Volga diaries, as well as the Metro Exodus postcard locations in the Volga chapter, in our video below. And, if you need help with anything else, check out some of our other Metro Exodus guides, including Taiga Dam Door – How to Turn On Generator and How to Kill Demon with Fire – Firebird Trophy.

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