Anthem How to Get Corium - Crafting the Dawn Shield - Titan Locations

Finding Corium in Anthem for the mission Crafting the Dawn Shield is not an easy task at all. Especially when you find out that Titans and Escari drop this rare material, which is required for crafting some of the more advanced weapons. Titans are extremely large and difficult to deal with unless you’re part of a team. A lot of players are trying to get it, but can’t seem to find enough titans. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to show you the easiest way where to find Titans in Anthem, and how to get corium and craft Shield of Dawn with legendary blueprint.

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anthem titan locations
Anthem How to Get Corium – Titan Locations

How to get Corium and Where to find titans?

The first, most obvious answer is free play. Titans are often encountered as bosses in world events. Sadly, the world events are randomized, so there’s no way of telling where the one with the titan will be next. This is a good way to get the materials if you’re doing it in passing, however, if you’re on a dedicated hunt, there are better option.

Triple Threat Mission

There’s a mission called Triple Threat, which features several titans. It’s the one that was available in the VIP demo earlier this month. Once you get Crafting the Dawn mission where you should recreate the Dawn Shield, Faye will tell you to check with Matthias if your plan is to hunt a few Titans. You will start a new mission by talking to Arcanist Matthias Sumner, and after a few tasks Triple Threat mission will face you with several Titans. After defeating them all you’ll have enough Corium.

If you’re having trouble defeating the titans, we suggest switching over to a storm javelin. Even when soloing, it has a great advantage over other classes because of its ability to hover. The titan’s strongest attack is a rippling wave of fire which can only be escaped by flying over it. Any freelancers using the storm suit here will be able to just levitate and spam the poor bastard with long range attacks until it drops. It does have some nasty fireballs and such, but those can be easily evaded, especially if you use the environment to your advantage.

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