Anthem How to Equip Banners & What They Do

Banners in Anthem are rewards that you can get as rewards for completing certain missions / contracts. They are little cosmetics that make the squad screen more colorful and fun. However, there is a problem. The game only tells you that you can equip the Anthem banners in the squad screen, but not how to do it. So, people have been wondering exactly how to equip Anthem banners. They’re also asking what the banners in Anthem do. Our Anthem How to Equip Banners and What They Do guide is going to answer both of those questions, with a short, step-by-step walk through the process of equipping banners.

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Anthem How to Equip Banners & What They Do
Anthem How to Equip Banners & What They Do

How to Equip Banners in Anthem & What Do They Do?

To equip banners in Anthem, the first step is to go into the mission select screen (or the Expedition page, if you prefer). Then, go into Squad. Once you’re on that screen, hover over your name, and press and hold the button prompt you’ll get at the bottom of the screen for “Modify Banner”. Select the banner you want, and you should be good to go.

If you haven’t come across banners in Anthem yet, here’s a quick explanation. Banners are among the rewards you can get for completing the different missions / contracts in Anthem. It’s a cute little edition to your reward pool for completing certain activities. They are little pictures of javelins and other stuff that you can equip. That’s basically it.

As for what the banners do, as far as we can tell, they do pretty much nothing. It’s a fun little thing to present on the mission select screen. Could the banners do more later down the line? Maybe. Maybe they’ll become popular as some kind of badge of honor, or something. For now, though, they serve no other purpose than a bit of pizzazz.

That’s about all there is to it. In case the game is causing you headaches with something else, go ahead and peruse our other Anthem guides, including High Road Exploration Challenge Locations – All Districts, Anthem Can’t Start After Update – How to Fix, and Mederines’ Disciple Collectible Locations Challenge.

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