Anthem Mederines' Disciple Collectible Locations Challenge

Mederines’ disciples are one of the many kinds of collectibles in Anthem. There’s ten of them in total, and collecting them all will help you complete a particular challenge. You’ll get some experience points, arcanist faction reputation and a handful of coins. If you’re having trouble finding them, keep reading our Anthem Mederines’ Disciples collectible locations guide.

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Anthem Mederines’ Disciple Collectible Locations

Where to find Mederines’ disciple collectibles?

We found the first one in the western part of the Academy Ruins, near the edge of the map. It’s in the ruined house close to the Astronomy Tower. There’s an extinguished bonfire in the ruins, and the collectible is on the chair next to it. The next one is in the same area. Go to the river, and look for a chest on the north side of the waterfall, west of the felled tree.

If you follow the river east, you’ll find a dysfunctional giant walker robot. Turn right after you reach it and go into the collapsed tunnel. There will be a collectible there. Continue following the river south, until you reach a stream that joins it from an enclosed valley to the east. Go into the valley and look for the collectible by the skeleton under the arch.

Head to the valley in the north part of the Academy Ruins, and you’ll find a downed spaceship near the western cliff. Enter it and go into the room on the left. You’ll find one of Mederines’ disciples in the corner, on a crate. There were five of these collectibles in the Tarsis Bypas, the cave where the entrace to the Tomb of Yvenia is. The first one was next to a stone arch in the corridor.

The second one is in on a chest also in the corridor, while the other three are at the bottom of the waterfall right by the tomb’s door.