Metro Exodus Terminal Key - Night Vision Goggles Suit Upgrade Location

Night vision goggles in Metro Exodus are a piece of equipment that you can get. The Metro Exodus night vision goggles are extremely useful, allowing you to see in the dark. Considering the scenarios you’ll be finding yourself in, this can come in extremely handy. Also, the goggles are required for getting the Kaleidoscope Trophy. The trick is that you first need to find the Metro Exodus terminal key. With all of that in mind, here’s our Metro Exodus Terminal Key Night Vision Goggles Suit Upgrade Location guide will show you how to get the night vision goggles in Chapter 3 – The Volga, the location of the terminal key, as well as how to get the Kaleidoscope achievement / trophy.

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Metro Exodus Night Vision Goggles Suit Upgrade Location - How to Get
Metro Exodus Night Vision Goggles Suit Upgrade Location – How to Get

Where to Find Night Vision Goggles in Metro Exodus Chapter 3 Volga – Terminal Key Location

To find the night vision goggles in Metro Exodus as early as Chapter 3 – The Volga, your first stop is the bandit camp in the north of the map, immediately to the east of Duke’s outpost, to get the terminal key. Look for the pink human skull icon in the center of the lake. It’s a large building of red brick, and has a white, fanged skull painted on it.

Enter the camp, and clear the area of bandits. There are several prisoners strewn across the camp, and your job is to free them. One of them is going to give you a small, metal, very old-looking key. This is, in fact, the Metro Exodus

Now that you have the key, you have to go to where the passenger car, which is basically your main mission here. So, hop into the boat and row towards the far northeast of the map. Dock the ship and climb the metal stairs on the left. There’s a wooden door there, very medieval-basement-looking. Use the Metro Exodus terminal key to unlock the room, and loot whatever you can find. The night goggles are on the candlelit table on the right, in front of a boat and a pair of oars.

How to Get Kaleidoscope Achievement / Trophy in Metro Exodus?

To get the Kaleidoscope trophy / achievement in Metro Exodus, you first have to obtain the night vision goggles, as described above. Then, you have to shoot three enemies through a sniper scope while having both the gas mask and night vision goggles equipped at the same time. Not the easiest trophy to get, but not the hardest, either.

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