Anthem How to Change Gender & Switch Pilots

Characters in Anthem can be male or female. You make the choice during character creation, where you select what your pilot will look like from a bunch of pre-made options. From what we’ve seen so far, the character cannot be seen at any point during the game, so the only functional difference is the voice. A number of players are unhappy with voiceover tracks for their chosen gender, and would like to switch. This guide will show you how to change gender in Anthem.

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anthem how to create new character
Anthem How to Change Gender & Switch Pilots

Can you change gender in Anthem?

You can’t change gender in Anthem. We’ve received official confirmation stating so, on EA’s official support site. Community manager EA_Ataashi explained so in reply to a user asking about gender/voice changes. However, what you can do is create a new pilot, if you’re not too far along.

anthem how to change gender

How to create new character in Anthem?

In order to create a new pilot, you’ll have to go all the way back to the splash screen. Once you’re there, past the “contacting online services” message, the game will ask you to press space to resume. Instead, you should look to the lower right corner. One of the options there will be to create a new pilot. You’ll get to choose their gender, voice and appearance, like you did the first time around.

According to the game, pilots share unlocks, currencies, appearance items and challenge progress. On the other hand, they don’t share vaults and story progress. In other words, you won’t lose everything, but you will have to start over from scratch – now fancy gear and weapons, no expeditions completed. This is the only way to get around the gender change restrictions, and if you’re not too far into the game, you won’t lose much if you decided to do it.

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  1. D
    dennis logan

    As of this typing, 2/23, the option to ‘Create a new pilot’ does not exist on the splash screen as described using the newest download of the game from the Origin website. I deleted the game and it’s local folder and downloaded a ‘fresh’ copy and still negative result. If you have any ideas of why this is occurring, please post your solution. Thanks.

    1. B

      Got to play through the tutorial.

  2. R

    I played through the tutorial but can’t build the Dawn Shield because I don’t have the blue print, even after playing Emerald Abyss and Triple Play. I have the corium. I have deleted the Saved games, even uninstalled twice, but I am not allowed to start over. Why the hell do you folks create a game like this. Give me the ability to build the Dawn Shield so I can continue in the game. There are other players having the same problem I am having. There is a glitch in this game.

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