Anthem How to Unlock Epic Weapon & Gear Crafting Blueprints

Epic weapons and gear are some of the best items in Anthem. Most of the time, you’ll get them by using the crafting system. However, to do that, you’ll first need to have the appropriate recipes. These blueprints can be obtained in a variety of ways, but only a few are reliable. This guide will show you how to unlock epic weapon & gear blueprints in Anthem.

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anthem how to unlock epic weapon gear blueprints
Anthem How to Unlock Epic Weapon & Gear Crafting Recipes

How to unlock epic weapon recipes?

You’ll get most of your weapon blueprints as loot. However, when you find a weapon you really like, you won’t want to part ways with it. Instead of replacing it with a higher rarity weapon you don’t like, you’ll want to upgrade it. There’s no way to upgrade weapons, but you can look for the same gun with higher rarity. Luckily, the game wants to help you stick with one weapon.

If you go to the challenges menu, you’ll notice there’s a weapons section. Each time you complete a challenge for a certain weapon, you’ll get a blueprint for a higher rarity of that weapon. This means that the more you use your favorite gun, the stronger it’ll become. At some point, after you complete enough challenges, you’ll receive the epic weapon blueprint you’ve been yearning.

How to obtain epic gear blueprints?

The only reliable way to get gear blueprints is to level up your faction loyalty. Once you level up your faction rep, you’ll get rewards. The freelancer and sentinel factions will reward you with gear blueprints whenever you reach a new loyalty level. In order to get epic gear blueprints, you’ll need to hit level 3 with each – freelancers for the universal components, sentinels for the javelin-specific components. If you’re interested, here’s a full list of faction loyalty rewards for all 3 groups.

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