Anthem How to Unlock Strongholds - Challenge of Legionnaires Tomb Bug

Unlocking strongholds in Anthem are extra content that you unlock while playing. There are currently two additional strongholds you can unlock later in the game – Heart of Rage and Temple of the Scar. The problem here is that the Challenge of Legionnaires bug in Anthem might be preventing you from reaching that point in the game. Our Anthem How to Unlock Strongholds – Challenge of Legionnaires Tomb Bug guide aims to show you how to earn the two extra strongholds, as well as how to work around the Challenge of Legionnaires tomb bug.

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Anthem How to Unlock Strongholds Challenge of Legionnaries Tomb Bug
Anthem How to Unlock Strongholds – Challenge of Legionnaires Tomb Bug

How to Unlock Additional Strongholds in Anthem?

To unlock the additional strongholds in Anthem, all you have to do is complete the main story campaign. Once you do, you’ll get access to two more strongholds; namely, Temple of the Scar and Heart of Rage. By this point in the game, you’ll know that access to these two locations is nothing to sneeze at, and that you’d better come prepared.

Now, beating the main story of Anthem can be difficult as is, especially if you’re a beginner player that gets sucked into the final mission because of a developer oversight. But, even if you’re doing everything right, you might get stuck because of the Challenge of Legionnaires tomb bug. This glitch locks you out of the game’s several tombs; you can complete everything you need to enter them, and they’ll refuse to open. Fortunately, we might have a solution.

Can’t Finish Challenges of Legionnaires Quest – How to Fix Tomb Bug?

To fix the Challenges of Legionnaires mission tomb glitch in Anthem, you have to re-complete the Finding Old Friends mission, but properly. See, the Finding Old Friends quest is also bugged, and that’s a whole different can of worms. If you need a fix for that, check out our Finding Old Friends Quest Bug guide. Here’s a quick rundown though: you’ll have to complete the mission while skipping cutscenes, because that seems to be causing the issues.

Anyway, once you complete the Finding Old Friends mission as intended, the tombs should start unlocking for you. Then, after you wrap those up, be on your way and finish the main campaign. Boom, you’ll then have access to Heart of Rage and Temple of the Scar. Incidentally, if you’re having trouble with the tombs, you can check out some of our guides on the matter, including Tomb of General Tarsis Pedestal Puzzle Solutions and Tomb of Yvenia Location – Where to Find Entrance.

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