Anthem Sentinel Loyalty Faction Rewards - Blueprints & Paint Jobs

Sentinel loyalty faction rewards are items you’ll receive in Anthem. You can get them by leveling up your faction reputation with the sentinels. They include component blueprints and paint jobs, and each level you attain will grant you more colors and better schematics. This guide is going to show you a complete list of Anthem sentinel loyalty faction rewards, so you know what to expect.

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anthem sentinel loyalty faction rewards
Anthem Sentinel Loyalty Faction Rewards – Blueprints & Paint Jobs

Sentinel Loyalty 1 – uncommon blueprints

Once you complete the first challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a hefty set of blueprints – in fact, you’ll get every uncommon javelin-specific component blueprint. You won’t get any cosmetic items this time, but the sheer number of recipes kinda makes up for it. Here’s a list of every schematic included:

Storm component blueprints

Fire inscription: Increases fire damage and fire effect
Elemental synergy: Increases gear damage, lowers gear recharge rate
Elemental conduit: Increases elemental damage, decreases physical damage
Ice inscription: Increases ice damage & effect
Elemental empowerment: Increases gear recharge rate, lowers gear damage
Storm combo augment: Increases the number of combo chains
Integrity augment: Increases armor by 25% of base
Chaos core: Increases blast damage
Lightning inscription: Increases electric damage & effect
Elemental attunement: Increases elemental resistance

Interceptor component blueprints

Blade inscription: Increases melee damage
Battle inscription: Increases weapon damage
Gunner’s inscription: increases magazine size and ammo drop rate
Conductivity augment: Increases electric damage, resistance and gear cooldown speed
Amphibious augment: Increases acid damage & resistance, oxygen capacity
Assaulty system augment: Increases assault system damage
Diverted energy circuit: Increases max shields, decreases armor
Interceptor combo augment: Increases aura combo pulse rate
Double-edged inscription: Increases all damage (dealt and taken)
Strike system augment: Increases strike system damage

Colossus component blueprints

Colossal stock augment: Increases magazine size of all weapons
Structural reinforcement: Greatly increases armor and shields
Colossus combo augment: Increases combo damage
Guardian insignia: Increases duration of support abilities
Explosives expert: Increases blast damage
Heavy assault augment: Increases heavy assault launcher damage
Ordnance augment: Increases ordnance launcher damage
Heavy shield reinforcement: Increases shield damage while sprinting
Overclocked regulator: Increases electric and fire damage
Colossal storage augment: Increases ammo capacity

Ranger component blueprints

Crossed arms: Increases blast damage, lowers impact damage
Firearm calibration core: Increases weapon damage
Vented thrusters: Increases engine heat treshold
Grenadier inscription: Increases grenade recharge rate
Ranger combo augment: Increases combo damage
Thermal regulator: Increases acid damage and resistance, max health
Advanced circuitry: Increases melee damage and enemy electric effect buildup
Assault augment: Increases assault launcher damage
Grenade augment: Increasea grenade damage
Convergence core: Increases impact damage, lowers blast damage

Sentinel Loyalty 2 rewards – paint jobs & rare blueprints

After you reach the second level of faction loyalty with the sentinel, your rewards will be the rare tiers of all the blueprints listed above. Each javelin-specific blueprint you own will be upgraded to a higher rarity. This means they’ll have better stats if you decide to craft them, but also random roll perks. You’ll also get three pain jobs – tin, iron and lead.

Sentinel loyalty 3 rewards – purple blueprints

The final level of faction reputation will grant you access to epic versions of the blueprints you’ve attained on previous levels. This is as good as it gets, at least for now. In addition to that, you’ll get three new metal colors – titanium, chromium and nickel.

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