Anthem High Road District & Landmark Locations - How to Get Trophy

High Road is an achievement / trophy you can earn in Anthem. To earn it, you have to explore the High Road area in Anthem thoroughly, and visit all it’s important landmarks, districts, and hidden places. Which is easier said than done, to be sure. So, here’s our Anthem High Road District & Landmark Locations – How to Get Trophy guide will show you where to find all the locations that you need to visit in order to earn the High Road achievement.

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Anthem High Road District & Landmark Locations How to Get Trophy
Anthem High Road District & Landmark Locations – How to Get Trophy

How to Get High Road Achievement / Trophy in Anthem – Where to Find Districts & Landmarks?

To get the Anthem High Road trophy / achievement, you have to find all the landmarks and districts in the High Road region. One of these places is the Tarsis Bypass. This location is a cave northeast of the Tomb of Yvenia, north of Fort Tarsis, and you can access it from the dam across the river in that area. Then, there’s also Tarsis Falls, which is a waterfall near the dam where you enter Tarsis Bypass.

From there, you can turn north-by-northwest and fly through the smoldering-looking ring. You’ll see the Watchtower of Arath, a temple-like structure jutting high into the sky, in front of you. Going further north, you’ll come across a cavern with blue-glowing plants hanging from the ceiling. This is The Tower Road, another location that counts for the High Road Trophy. Flying further north still, you’ll come across a huge, metal structure carved into the cliff side. Fly inside the structure, and you’ll find The Hureen Slide.

From the High Road marker on the map fly towards the huge, metal arch. Go west, and you’ll notice a head with a hood sticking out of the ground. Approach it, and you’ll enter Serpent’s View, which is another location you need to visit for the High Road achievement. Fly further west from the head, and you’ll come across Giant’s Crossroads. Lastly, go back to the Watchtower of Arath, and land on it. Look for the gold-glowing sphere and interact with it. This will unlock The Last Sentinel, and earn you the High Road trophy.

For more exact instructions (or if you prefer more visual guides), check out our video below. And, if you need help with anything else in the game, check out our other Anthem guides, such as Freelancer Loyalty Faction Rewards – Blueprints & Wear States, How to Unlock Epic Weapon & Gear Crafting Blueprints, and Tomb of General Tarsis Pedestal Puzzle Solutions.

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