Enigma Extortion File 8 Locations Guide

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After collecting all set Enigma Extortion File 8, additional information under Enigma’s profile will be unlocked. All Enigma Datapacks are hidden throughout the Industrial District and some of them are pretty tricky to solve/find.
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In the list below we described how to collect each of them and marked their locations.

List of all Enigma Extortion File 8 locations

  1. Northwest of Batman’s fast travel point, on top of a building, there is a cage with 3 steam exhaust pipes. You can choose between two gadgets in order to collect Eigma File. You can use glue grenade, or Batclaw gadget to shot towards the extortion device at the other side of cage.
  2. Near the top of the chimney, located in Northern Industrial District, there is a platform, where you can glide onto. Using Cryptographic Sequencer to decipher three passwords at nearby panel, will unlock next enigma datapack.
  3. Head Northwest from Batman’s fast travel point. Extortion file at this location is well hidden in a tower. Since you cannot grapple into a hidden room, you should jump from a building across the location where extortion file is. After jumping, you can simply glide carefully toward a small platform, where you can use explosive gel to make your way towards enigma datapack.
  4. In the Northern Industrial District, on ground level, you will find a green pressure pad, right across the enigma datapack in the distance. Simply stand on the green pad, and use your batclaw gadget to collect Extortion File.
  5. The next Enigma Datapad is well hidden in the North-easternmost part of the Industrial District map area. On a rooftop, head west, where you’ll spot a small shack. Place explosive gel on the door, and after destroying it, pick up the extortion file.
  6. In the northernmost part of the Industrial District map area, on the ground level, a datapack is locked up on the wall, with two switches on both sides. In order to unlock Enigma device, you have to solve a small puzzle. When you place Explosive Gel on the left switch (number 1) step on the pressure pad. When the switch turns on, activate the gel. This will result in turning the right switch on. Use your Remote Controlled Batarang and destroy the green switch. With a Batclaw pick up the File.
  7. Unknown location
  8. Unknown location
  9. Unknown location
  10. Unknown location
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