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Mendo Soap  Anarky LocationMendo Soap Anarky Tag is a hidden symbol numbered 31 under Gotham City Intel menu. This Tag is located in Coventry district, on the Mendo Soap factory, which can be easily spotted because of the blue sign “Mendo Soap Co.” just above a huge pipe.
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Grapple to the rooftop on any nearby building in northwest area, then glide over to the factory. Move towards left side of the building. On the west wall, next to a huge pipe entering the building, change to Detective Vision mode and scan the sign.
Mendo Soap Anarky Tag Text
Mendo soap. Sounds innocent, doesn’t it? But who is making the soap? Mendo imports illegal immigrant laborers, luring them to this city with the promise of a new life and then forces them to work under threat of deportation. We should not begrudge these innocents of making a living. What should rail against is the globalization that forces our workers to compete with them – the superpower corporations who have seen all of our cross-border trade protections removed so that they might pillage foreign countries. And the result? The lives of workers all over the world destroyed. We welcome these brother workers for they shall swell our ranks.
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