Enigma Extortion Files Eleven

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All Extortion Files in the eleventh collection of datasets are scattered across the Gotham Pioneers Bridge.

  1. At the top of a catwalk, south of Gotham Pioneers Bridge map mark, you can collect the first extortion file collectible.
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  2. At the border between Gotham Pioneers Bridge and Coventry district, you should notice three turned off switches above windows of the southern bridge pillar. In order to turn them on (and subsequently destroy), you should grapple to a balcony above their location (basically, where the locked enigma datapad is). There is a turned on green switch there. As you turn it off, with a simple quick batarang shot, three switches bellow turn on. Jump down quickly, as you have only 5 seconds, and shoot down the green switches with quick batarangs. This results in unlocking, an otherwise locked, enigma datapad.
  3. Bellow the southern Pioneers Bridge deck, there are three basket platforms with a green pressure plate in each. You need to step on each one of them within a 25 second time limit to unlock the datapad. Just graple from one basket to another and it should be easy to do.
  4. Bellow the Pioneers Bridge deck, on the top of the northern support beam, you can simply collect another enigma extortion collectible with the batclaw gadget.
  5. On the eastern side of a control cabin of a boat, under the southern Pioneers Bridge deck, step over two green pressure plates without landing on anything else between two pressure plates. This can be rather hard to do and this is how we did it: as you jump from the green pressure plate above the boat’s control cabin, use your grapnel accelerator move (press run button once then second time hold) to gain speed in flight. Keep that “Run” button pressed and circle around the platform for a landing on the second pressure plate. Good Luck!
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