Enigma Extortion File Eighteen

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After collecting the set and deciphering the eighteenth Extortion File, additional information under Penguin profile will be unlocked. All Files are scattered around Burnley map and some of them are pretty tricky to solve.
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In the list below we described how to collect each of them and marked their locations.

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  1. The first Enigma datapack is located on the south-east area of the map. Climb up on the first floor, and you will spot the datapack on the edge of the stone pillar. Approach device and pick up datapack by pressing appropriate button on your gamepad.
  2. Head towards south, on the rooftop you will find the second Enigma datapack. Use your Batclaw to pick it up.
  3. Once you step on the green button, the first door will open. Use Remote Controlled Batarang to destroy the green light. After that, the first door will close, and the second one, on the cage’s rooftop will open. Fire the Remote Controlled Batarang straight up, then navigate it through the second door and destroy the green light. Use Batclaw, and secure device.
  4. The next Enigma datapack is in the Southern part of the map area. You will find it on the wall of the house next to the river. Use Cryptographic Sequencer to decipher the datapack.
  5. Throw Remote Controlled Batarang towards high-voltage cables to electrify it, then navigate it towards Enigma device.
  6. In the North-West part of the Burnley map you will find the sixth Enigma File on the wall between the windows. Use your Batclaw to collect it.
  7. On a small shack, place the Explosive Gel to destroy the door. Inside the shack, you will find your reward.
  8. In order to hack device use Cryptographic Sequencer. The device is located on the east side of the map.
  9. The next device is hidden in a small shack on a huge balcony. Put Explosive Gel on the shack’s door to destroy it, then pick the file up.
  10. On the cliff, just above Enigma device, you will see a green button. Grapple to the furthest metal bar to the right. Then glide on the button. After activation, you’ll have 3-4 seconds to disable Enigma device.
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